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Freelance WordPress – I thought about it too

Around last week, I have decided to not work for any clients, since I am very busy with my own blogs, and apart of blogging, I am still having a family which is my top priority.

Because of this, and many blogs that I own, I sometimes feel that I need a freelance wordpress person, that works usually hourly.

When I think about it, it is sort of funny thing how everything changes in a year. At first, I was hired, and now, I want to hire freelance wordpress person for my blog.

There are many things you can do by hiring freelance wordpress people, from posting contents in your blog regularly, fixing some problems you may encounter in your blog, either theme, plugins, or changing your layout, or anything, you can always find them.

Sometimes I thought, “do I really need to pay a freelance wordpress person?”, and I guess everyone else too.

The result is just amazing, I mean when you pay, you will get what you pay for, less work and more productivities.

Freelance WordPress — Are you someone who likes wordpress, blogging and writing articles?

I have noticed, there are actually many alternatives for us to make money online.

One of those alternatives, is becoming a freelance wordpress developer, or content writer, or a freelance person who will be able to help people who want to outsource to grow their blogs.

Honestly, I have never tried to register myself to become a freelancer, because all of my clients are coming from Search Engines, and they contact me, via contact page.

But if you are really someone who can be trusted, becoming a freelance wordpress person is really easy, register, and work. Just a tip, be honest always to gain trusts and good feedbacks.

This will bring you more success for any works you will get. More honest, more clients.

Freelance WordPress websites to find someone or find jobs

If you might have some problems or some issues that are related with wordpress and you can’t solve them yourself, you might consider of paying somebody to do this.

You can actually find people easily on the Internet, there are always tons of people line up for a few bucks earning. But the thing is, can you really trust them? a big NO is the answer.

Being scammed online is a terrible experience, yeah I have been scammed many times. I don’t know why, sometimes I really think, I trust people really easier.

Those unpleasant experience surely give me very important lessons. My husband always says, those who have never tried, will never know. I agree on this one.

After being scammed a few times working with people, my case was I pay, people work, and the result was just far worse than I expected it.

So I have never visited those websites again to outsource anyone again. Now though, the question would be, where can I find good freelancer and they can be trusted?

There are actually two websites that I recommend, they are odesk and elance. Those websites have freelancers as their members, and you can sign up, either look for freelancer jobs, or look for a freelance wordpress people to fix your issues.

freelance wordpress

Those websites can be trusted, because they use the rating method, and so forth, so before you rent somebody, you can actually check the rating first. The higher ratings are most likely better.

The costs are actually not too expensive, it really depends on what you want them to do. Most average, they costs up to $5 and they work really great. I have done outsourcing to submit my website (not this blog) to website directories, since this can consume really lots of times which I currently don’t have.

Find your freelance wordpress job or people now, you will save your time alot for affordable costs!

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