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Front End Editor WordPress Plugin – Interesting Plugin

This post actually reminds me of my older entry, about displaying edit link in wordpress posts or pages.

The different is actually the “edit” link would bring us back to admin page, and then we will be able to edit all of our blog posts as well as pages, in the back-end or admin dashboard.

I have discovered a plugin, it is actually a front end editor wordpress plugin. I found it interesting, so this is why, I want to post it in this blog.

I have installed and tried this plugin in my dummy blog (related: install wordpress mac, and install wordpress on windows), which uses the most recent version of wordpress when this post is written, that is wordpress 3.1.1, and it did a great job.

Front End Editor WordPress Plugin — What does this plugin do?

Have you ever wished to edit your posts and pages in the front-end? without clicking any link and land to your admin page?

If you have ever wished to do something like this in your blog, it can be achieved by many plugins, but this front end editor is the only plugin I have tested myself.

This plugin will offer us a feature to edit your post content or page contents directly from front-end of your blog.

So we don’t have to go to our admin page to edit them, click “update” button to modify our articles, we will have a “Save” or “Cancel” button.

As I always suggest, if you want to test out any new plugins, I recommend that you would not try it in your live blog.

Because plugins are coded by developers, and one can possibly conflict with another. The best is try it in your test blog, like installing wordpress offline. This will avoid your site goes down because something is wrong with the new plugins that you wanted to test.

Once you know and sure that the new plugin is ok to use, then you can apply it in your live blog.

Front End Editor WordPress Plugin – simple tutorial

You can either download the front end editor plugin from wordpress website or follow this steps to install front end editor plugin in your admin dashboard. (or see wordpress install plugin video tutorial)

1. In your dashboard, as usual to add plugins, it is on the plugins tab, in the left sidebar of admin page, then selecting “Add new”

2. Type in “front end editor”. It will then show you the list of some plugins which have similar names. But the plugin we will use is from “scribu”, it should be in the first row in the list.

3. After you are sure you want it, click “install now” click, “OK” button to confirm, and let it install automatically.

4. After the plugin package is installed in your webhost, it will ask you whether you want to activate it or go back to plugin installer.

5. Choose, activate now.

Once it is activated, you will not need to adjust any settings, you can immediately use it.

Go to your front-end of your blog, you will see now the front editor wordpress plugin will work.

When you hover the title or content, it will display a text, “Double-click to edit”. Very simple, double click any contents you would like to edit.

front end editor
"Double-click to edit" button


It will load a few seconds, until you can modify your text, and if you are finished, you can choose to “save” your new modification or “cancel” your modification. That’s simple.

front end editor
Save or Cancel.

If you want this functionality, you can test front end editor plugin.

I personally don’t use this front end editor plugin, as I feel it is really not necessary to install it. I feel fine to edit my post in my back-end instead adding another extra front end editor that can slow down my blog.

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