Fullscreen Mode WordPress Heading 1 2

Fullscreen mode wordpress is a cool feature!

I have recently used full screen mode wordpress feature more often than in the last weeks.

This function is considered as wordpress 3.2 new fetaure, which is at first, I did not really like to use it. (related: wordpress 3.3 new feature?)

But since I found many distractions while I am writing articles, I did give this button a try.

The result was great, cleaner, because you can write any posts in your blog or website with a full screen like writing in a clean paper, and helps the concentration or focus because you won’t see the sidebar or the top menu, basically, just your post box where you type.

Fullscreen Mode WordPress missing the Heading 1 2 3 button

When I write a post, I try to apply the importance of h1 h2 heading in my wordpress blog posts.

Therefore, I noticed that this paragraph, heading 1, heading 2, etc button is missing.

This button is a actually a pull down menu, to choose “paragraph” format, and heading tags.

For more clear, this screenshot below is the button that I meant.

fullscreen mode wordpress

The pull down menu which is missing

When you write a post, you can actually using the visual as well as the HTML tab, whichever you like.

It depends on a person’s preference, some bloggers will just disable the visual mode, those who know HTML coding good, and some bloggers who are mostly newbies, like myself, like the visual button in the post box.

I actually do mix of those functionalities, sometimes using visual sometimes using HTML tab, especially when I have to embed YouTube videos and Vimeo videos.

I need to embed those codes manually because I don’t use any video plugin in this blog.

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How to add Heading 1 2 when you work with fullscreen mode wordpress fetaure?

Since when we are working in fullscreen mode wordpress feature, we will miss that button in the screenshot above, and you won’t find this link in the menu tab above, you might want to add it while you are in the fullscreen mode wordpress page, and not clicking the “exit fullscreen” button to add those heading tags, and back again to fullscreen, this can slow down our works.

fullscreen mode wordpress

You have to click this button to get a fullscreen mode

I hope this will be added in the next feature, more buttons to come in the fullscreen mode wordpress page, but I am quite happy already, because you can easily and very fast using keyboard shortcodes to add this heading tags.

Here is how:

1. I assume, you are in the fullscreenmode, you will see these buttons above your screen. (there is no paragraph and heading button).

2. To add that heading tag, you can simply highlight the sentence, and press CTRL+1 for heading 1.

CTRL+2 for heading 2, and CTRL+3 for heading 3.

The CTRL represents Control key in windows, Option in Mac, and STRG in German keyboard.

The numbers represent your number keys.

If you need some more help, you can click the help button with “question” mark on your post page when you are in a fullscreen mode wordpress post box.

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