Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review |Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, 16GB Wi-Fi)

Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Review – Overview

I puchased iPad immediately when Apple released their iPad 2. I was really excited by iPad’s screen and the joy of internet surfing experience.

But after using my iPad for about a week, I wondered what precisely I was going to do with it, I had a MacBook, and a smartphone.

iPad could not run many things that I wanted it too, it could not offer anything new functionality. Finally, I sold my iPad 2 on ebay afterwards.

Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) is a tablet which offer much more than only a wide touchscreen. It is a fabulous device!

galaxy tab 10.1
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch 32GB

Straight out of the box, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 inch can play any media files you throw at it. Galaxy Tab 10.1 runs flash! and running flash on the Internet is a big stuff.

Trust me, I thought it would not be so important playing flash, but after owning iPad, I often stand up from my couch and go to my desktop everytime I could not view flash content on the iPad.

This Galaxy Tab 10.1 rectifys this, it runs all videos perfectly, and I can also transfer some MP3s from home to my tablet via ftp.

These things are very important for me, and my iPad could not run those tasks.

Hardware wise, Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a solid build, rather than spectacular, it has the new texture on the back which is not glossy, and it means it is more comfortable and solid to grip.

Software wise, this device runs smooth, Samsung has done great job with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the speed is improved, and quick.

If you are new to an Android tab, this tablet works straight away out of the box, once you turn it on, you will see the welcome screen which will definitely help you to use this tablet. The wireless on this tablet also works easily.

I have used it as my secondary phone, and it has an excellent call quality. Receiving my private POP emails and gmails is just awesome, all in one unit.

I am absolutely not a touchscreen typist, but the keyboard of this Galaxy Tab 10.1 is really comfortable and easy to type on. The 10.1 inch screen is more usable than the 7 inch generation. Working with Google docs or thinkfree office, spreadsheets, all work well. Love the helpful file manager, makes everything more organized.

Live wallpapers, widgets and so much more apps will help to personalize your device, I got mine full of them. This is why I choose the 32GB over the 16GB, just to be sure having enough of storage space.

This Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also now replacing my TomTom, because I can use it as my navigation tool.

The speakers and sound quality are great, loud enough and I am satisfied with it. There are two speakers in the each side of the device, and I have downloaded an app called PowerAmp from the Android apps market and it works well as a music player.

You will be amazed with the long lasting battery life, I could have 13 hours after using the bluetooth, internet surfing, emailing, calling, intensive WiFi, and of course, Angry Birds!

Angry Birds is really cool on the 10-inch screen, a bigger screen. Facebook, and reading e-books are great, clear readable text, and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is really nice to grip no matter where you are, even in your bed.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review – Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) Specs


  1. Operating System: Android 3.0 (HOneycomb)
  2. 10.1 inch TFT WXGA Touchscreen Display (1280 x 800 resolution)
  3. Dual-Core Tegra 2 Processor (2x 1GHz)
  4. 1GB of RAM
  5. 32GB Storage space
  6. Flash support
  7. 2MP Front-Facing camera; 3MP Rear-Facing Camera
  8. Full HD 1080p Video
  9. Connectivity option: WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n; Bluetooth 2.1

galaxy tab 10.1

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review – Summary

If you are searching for a tablet, don’t be misled by looking those cheap android devices, you will just waste your money. Save your money and get this real thing.

If you are considering an iPad, iPad is definitely more good looking than this Galaxy Tab 10.1 but it really lacks of a lot of funcionality and features.

You are restricted from a lot of stuff that you want to do, for instance, interior appearance is restricted.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a good looking tablet, but not a top end like iPad, this tablet runs everything you want, and you can make any changes you wish.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi) is a top class android tablet, and I’m in love with my Galaxy Tab 10.1 each day.

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  1. Johan Ridell says

    Was this the 10.1v(vodafone)?
    because you said it didn’t have the glossy back on it and if im not mistaken its only the 10.1v that has the textured back.
    the one we get here in sweden is thinner then the 10.1v and glossy, and its a sweet competition to the ipad2.

    good review mate!

  2. says

    Hands down the best android tablet on the market right now. Ive been lucky enough to play with the Asus Transformer, Ipad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 and i have to say the Galaxy 10.1 is my favorite. Its sleek, light, and the screen colors pop, There is a noticeable difference between the displays from the “Ipad 2 and Transformer” which both have an IPS screen and the “Samsung Galaxy 10.1” which has a PLS screen which is brighter and more vivid in my opinion. Android 3.1 is also very nice. Its nice having the option to customize the hell out of your tablet, unlike the Ipad 2. Highly recommend. I love it.