Galaxy Tab 8.9 vs Kindle Fire Comparison and Difference

Galaxy Tab 8.9 vs Kindle Fire

Because I couldn’t really make a decission regarding Galaxy tab 8.9 vs Kindle Fire difference on features and of course, the price, I have purchased the Amazon Kindle Fire, and then bought Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and then playing with them almost at the same time, to decide which one I had to sent back.

This is my overall opinion about these two multimedia devices.

First of all, they are both great devices for their own purpose.

The Galaxy Tab 8.9 is a great useful tablet device, and the Amazon Kindle Fire is a great entertainment device or “tablet” which is manufactured specifically for Amazon’s content.

I really like my Kindle Fire, because it has superior wifi connectivity than the Samsung’s tab, and I noticed it streams movies from Netflix much better.

Basically, my Fire plays Amazon’s content much better than the Tab.

Also, to acquire Amazon’s content, the Fire has a lot smoother interface than the Tab.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 vs Kindle Fire’s Comparison Table

Galaxy Tab 8.9 vs Kindle FireGalaxy Tab 8.9

galaxy tab 8.9 vs kindle fire

Kindle Fire

galaxy tab 8.9 vs kindle fire

Operating SystemAndroid 3.1Android 2.3 (Modified by Amazon)
CPUdual-core Tegra 2 processordual-core TI OMAP 4
Display8.9-inch WXGA HD widescreen7″ multi-touch gorilla glass
Resolution1280 x 8001024 x 600
Expandable Memoryx
Back & Front-Facing Camerasx
Weight14.7 ounces (417 grams)14.6 ounces (413 grams)
Dimensions9.1″ x 6.2″ x 0.34″7.5″ x 4.7″ x 0.45″


Kindle Fire’s price is $199 (vs $499, Tab’s price), so there are definitely a few things that you can’t expect a 199 bucks device to give that a 500 bucks can offer.

Although, Amazon’s Fire happens to be the first generation of its model, it definitely wins down for reading your books, it is a kindle device.

It just ties the users with Amazon’s content or system, which some people will like it, but I really don’t.

The other issue is it lacks some essential features, such as lacking internal memory, lack of storage space (only 8GB in Fire), memory card slot, GPS, microphone, bluetooth, and cameras, so you can’t really use video chats apps, include skype and facetime.

For users who don’t need a camera, this is not really a big issue, but not to be able to download apps in the Android’s market place is a drawback too. You can visit the market, but to download any apps, you have to access Amazon’s, so your apps selection is limited.

Another point I have to mention here is although Fire is a Kindle device, unfortunately it does not feature E-Ink technology, and like other full-colored backlit displays, it’s really inconvenience for your eyes if you use it for a long time (especially for reading).

At first I thought by changing the book background’s to the “tinted” would help a bit, although it did, but it is still not easy to read outdoor, especially under sunlight.

Lacking of RAM (512MB vs Galaxy Tab 8.9’s 1GB) causes slower performance while browsing internet, and it’s absolutely not fun.

If you really use your tablet to mainly browse internet, I recommend the Tab, because before I got my tab, I ended up browsing on my laptop instead on the Fire.

And I thought, there is no point purchasing a 200 bucks tablet and then not using it when you need to browse on the internet, you will definitely quit using it.

However, If you are Amazon Price account subscriber (with $75 yearly payment), Fire is definitely a perfect device for you, because you will be able to watch free movies and stream them in your HDTV or your computer.

Galaxy Tab 8.9 vs Kindle Fire – In Summary

In conclusion, although Kindle Fire is also developed to be a “tablet” with a very affordable price point, but it is more into a e-reader and media device while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is a top end spec’ed device like its predecessors.

My personal opinion, for an extra $200, it’s totally worth to go with the Galaxy Tab 8.9 which has more recent Android OS (ICS upgradable), skype ability, extra RAM, and also expandable memory.

Anyway, with $199 price tags, Amazon Kindle Fire is a perfect device for everyone, especially a tablet for your kids.

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