Galaxy Tab WiFi Review | Samsung Galaxy Tab (Wi-Fi)

Galaxy Tab WiFi Release Date

Galaxy Tab WiFi is one of Android tablet that will compete iPad, manufactured by trustworthy computer brand, Samsung.

This is actually the tablet that people have been waiting for to be released today, April 10th, 2011.

Apart of having a very reasonable price, at $319.99, the previous tablets are known to be a well-known tablets that Samsung has built in their technology.

Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi will come with Google technology as well as the great 7-inch touchscreen that will bring high quality of 3D-like graphics.

galaxy tab wifi

With its touch screen, tablet fans will be able to perform common tablet operations by touching the touchscreen, double-tab, swipe, flick, rotate, and so forth easily, all will be in a high quality device and ultimate tablet performance.

This tablet version from Samsung will now include the WiFi feature that will work easily with your home WiFi, without extra cost!

All you need to spend is just $319.99 for it, and that’s it. No need to pay any contract for the Wi-Fi. There is no other tablets like this Samsung Galaxy model.

The tabs have been around for a long time on the market, and you will see all of its happy customer reviews.

It does all your computing needs on a tablet, such as, reading books as a Kindle, surfing the web, checking your emails, listening MP3s and watching your favourite videos, all will be accomplished on this tablet easily, especially with its 7-inch screen.

In comparison to iPad, . Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi has a smaller screen, it has 7-inch screen, and iPad has 10-inch screen. (Related: Samsung galaxy tab vs iPad)

The tab is definitely the right tablet to carry around wherever you go, it is very portable, more portable than iPad, fits into any pocket sizes, especially jacket’s pocket.

If you own Kindle, the Tab is a slightly more thick than Kindle.

With Android Froyo operating system, it makes this tablet is really easy to use, you can make any calls if you want to, text messaging, or watching YouTube videos on your tablet.

Actually a 7-inch tablet screen is so much better in HD videos quality than in HDTVs, because you will get higher resolution on a 7-inch than in 46-inch screen.

Galaxy Tab WiFi Price, Specs and Features.

Price: $319.99

Specs and Features:

  1. Operating System: Android 2.2 Froyo
  2. 7-inch multi-touch screen (with 1024x600px resolution)
  3. Runs on 1GHz Samsung Hummingbird processor
  4. WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n connectivity
  5. 16B MoviNAND MicroSD (max 32GB)
  6. GPS
  7. Bluetooth 2.1
  8. Dimension: 4.74 x 0.47 x 7.48 inches
  9. Weight: 13.6 ounces
  10. Features: Virtual keyboard, Swype input system, Samsung Social Hub, 3MP front-facing camera, Multi format media player, pre-installed Kindle for Android, slacker radio, and Asphalt 5HD Gameloft applications.

Galaxy Tab WiFi Review Summary

The new Wi-Fi model will be a milestone in the world of Samsung tablet technology.

The tablet enthusiasts will be able to use this device as a business tablet, because they can easily edit their files and documents or excel tables, accessing their files via email via Wi-Fi, and so much more.

Unlike with iPad, you will be held to random by its iTunes, you will not have that stuff with this tablet.

The new model, Galaxy Tab WiFi will look very much like its predecessor but it will be an improved wi-fi model that everyone has been waiting for.

Galaxy Tab WiFi is very worth its price, with around $300.00 you will get a very portable, great performance as well as tablet reliability, Galaxy Tab WiFi is still the best affordable android tablet.

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  1. says

    Samsung galaxy tab is really a mindblowing gadget, I am using it and I think its really competing with IPAD and Ipad2. The only problem here is few first-party samsung apps.