Gateway NV55S03u Review 15.6-Inch Laptop (Ebony Black)

Gateway NV55S03u Review – Overview

I purchased this ebony black Gateway NV55S03u 15.6-Inch, and it really is a fantastic value for the money.

I’ve had this laptop for about three weeks. (got it at $349.99)

This Gateaway laptop met all the things that are on my checklist and a a bit more.

I would not say this unit to be the best AMD laptop out there, however it is a lot more than adequate.

The only disappointment that I have found is the poor sound.

The quality of the audio system is absolutely not bad, however the volume level is poor to me.

When I listen to music or watch videos in a bit noisy room, I can barely hear the sound, even it was on a high level volume.

This small issue is easily solved if I use my external speakers, but I wish I had not this issue.

Gateway NV55S03u Specs and Features

Hardware, I really like the laptop’s display. The LED display is certainly stunning and it does have good viewing angles. The display colors are rich as well.

Apart of the LED display, this machine also comes along with the very functional keyboard which includes a full size numpad, something which I definitely need in a laptop. The keys are good spaced out, and very responsive.

Although the construction feels a bit cheap due to the plastic construction, but this 15 inch machine is very light and quite portable which happens to be nice since i have it with me lots.

The Gateway NV55S03u Review 15.6-Inch Laptop (Ebony Black) features are fantastic, my favourite is the HDMI output. I could easily use it as my multimedia center, to stream my videos on my HDTV. The quality that it generates on my LED TV is really brilliant that it was hard to use my old monitor again.

gateway nv55s03u

Gateway NV55S03u

It could play Netflix videos in High Definition quality too, and I am so pleased with it. The built-in 1.3mp HD webcam (with the resolution 1280 x 1024) has the above average quality, decent clarity on Skype and Facebook video chat.

The 4GB DDR3 RAM makes the overall performance flawless, I had several programs open, while I was using around 2 gigs of memory, and 35% of the CPU, surfing the web is very nice, websites are loaded very fast. (I am using Chrome).

The battery life, I got around 3-4 hours with intensive use, wifi usage and full brightness display. It doesn’t get easily hot, I even have to say, this Gateway laptop runs way cooler than my older laptops.

This Gateway Laptop model has a DVD drive on the right of the laptop, and three USB 2.0 ports which you will find on both sides of the machine, one port on the left side, and two of them on the right side.

Gateway NV55S03u Review – Summary

Bottom line, this laptop is an excellent unit for the affordable price. 4GB of RAM, 500gb Hard drive, full size keyboard plus the numberpad, great display, built-in webcam, DVD drive, all works perfectly.
gateway nv55s03u
If you are looking for a computer for under $450 computer but still a powerful machine, you have not much to complain with this Gateway NV55S03u 15 inch Laptop, as a plus, you can use it as your home entertainment media center.

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