Gateway NV75S02u Review |Gateway NV75S02u 17.3-Inch Laptop (Ebony Black)

Gateway NV75S02u Review – Overview

Gateway NV75S02u is a powerhouse.

I have experienced this Ebony black Gateway for approximately three weeks and I absolutely like it.

This gateway 17″ laptop is really fast, loading programs, multitasking, and transferring files onto this unit have been running very well.

The machine’s design is nice, although it feels plastic, it is very sturdyand light-weigh, it has no dense feeling.

It definitely looks thin. It doesn’t have a fancy design, but that wasn’t the reason why I bought it, the CD/DVD drive is also nice feature.

I definitely love its full sized keyboard and the included num pad.

gateway nv75s02u
The keyboard, I love it!

Unlike most laptops that I have had previously, this machine has good placements of the keys on the keyboard, so no need to get used to misplaced keys.

The keyboard keys are fairly responsove, and nice to type on.

Although it’s a chicklet keyboard, it is not backlit as much as I can say, can be a downside to some people but it has not been a necessary feature to me so I personally have no issues at this point.

Gateway NV75S02u 17.3-Inch Laptop (Ebony Black) specs and features

The 17 inch LED screen is super crisp, an excellent contrast, not washed out if you compare it to many laptops out there.The viewing angle is pretty good, so you don’t need to view it in a specific position to see the well lit screen.

The machine’s speakers are quite loud, not the best system definitely, but really cool speakers for a notebook.

As opposed to my old laptops I’ve previously had, this Gateway NV75S02u won’t make your lap warm quite soon. I have not had heating issue, personally tested it, it will get warm after using it for 2 hours in a heavy gaming usage.

Gateway NV75S02u 17.3-Inch Laptop (Ebony Black)
Gateway NV75S02u

The battery life, while playing game heavily, surfing the net, I was getting 4-4.5 hours out of it. When I am running basic programs, like playing mp3’s or only browsing, I will get a more lengthy battery life.

Lastly, as for the AMD quad-core a8-3500m processor, this machine runs really fast. I was first a bit concerned regarding the processor because it is not intel i series (not sandy bridge processor) however after three weeks using, this unit runs Windows 7 like a champ.

The AMD’s A8-3500m might sound as a low-end quad-core processor in comparison with the Intel’s i series, however it so far has a very powerful gpu. The processor works significally better than my previous 2.4ghz Intel dual core, but when you have worked with an i7, and even an i5 quad core machine, you will definitely see the performance’s difference

And if you’re considering a heavy graphics for your games and multimedia, I have playedWitcher-2 on maximum settings with all of the max effects (1600×900 resolution) and this machine runs wonderfully. I have not tested out the ultra-settings yet, but I guess it would begin to stutter. These games, Arkham Asylum, New Vegas, and Sims 3 all of them run really well.

gateway nv75s02u

Gateway NV75S02u Review – Summary

This laptop is overall a very good machine for the price. High-speed performance, plenty of memory, great 17″ LED display.

With this price, the balance of features and also power of the laptop factors makes this Gateway NV75S02u laptop a STEAL!

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