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GD Image and Imagepng error in wordpress

Last night, I finally moved one of my autoblog (related: wp robot vs autoblog samurai) to my VPS account. Then I got a GD image error thing, read further, I will share it with you today.

I have never moved a blog to a new host before, but the process went smooth and fast, I apply this backup and restore wordpress tutorial, and copy live blog to Computer. Actually the method will not be 100% the exact same, but using the same method, editing wp-config.php and database.

Warning: Do not move your blog if you don’t know how, you should save your copied sql and wp content somewhere in a save place.

It all went well, except I had to wait for the updated DNS server from my old host, which is HostGator. (related: recommended webhost for wordpress)

But I already knew it, so although I am not a patient person, I left my “messy” blog and went to bed.

gd image

This afternoon, when I checked my blog, it was there, so all moving wordpress to my new host run very well, just needed my patience.

GD Image Imagepng in Fast Secure Contact Form plugin wordpress

Although everything run well with the process in moving the database and files to the new host, I checked everything in posts, pages to see if everything runs well as before.

First, like it is always happened it had errors on permalinks. I have known this problem while restoring this blog last year, see my story in my backup restore wordpress post.

After I fixed the permalink which was extremely simple, just click “update” on permalink settings, my posts and pages URL are back as usual.

One problem that I found and I have never had that before, is the GD image imagepng not enabled thing in my contact page, because I am using Fast Secure Contact Form plugin.

The error message were more and less like this:

ERROR: si-captcha.php plugin says GD image support not detected in PHP!

Contact your web host and ask them why GD image support is not enabled for PHP.

ERROR: si-captcha.php plugin says imagepng function not detected in PHP!

Contact your web host and ask them why imagepng function is not enabled for PHP.

Could not take a screenshot because I forgot :-D

Fixing GD Image Imagepng wordpress

I honestly did not have any ideas what I should do seeing those messages.

But from the error message itself, it is stated, to ask our webhosts. So I did submit a ticket to ask about this error message.

I am so happy that my VPS host customer support is really great and in a few minutes, my issue is solved, and I am not the one who fixed it, but my Host’s staff.

They did it all for me, and my GD Image Imagepng wordpress error was fixed without me, doing anything. I hope when you have something like this GD Image Imagepng wordpress error message, exactly the same as I have above, your host will be helpful.

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