Generate Traffic To Your Blog Methods

Generate Traffic, Why?

Building a blog is more and less like building a company in a real life, though companies always need money to start with, and blogging can be free or paid, but both needs effort to achieve your blogging’s goal.

I firmly believe to make money by blogging, you first need some generate traffic blog methods to get profitable sales from your site. Traffic takes the most important part.

Actually there are really lots of ways to have more visitors in your website, you can either pay or free traffic. (Related post: increase organic traffic).

Let’s mention paid traffic a few, there are pay per click, pay per view, and more, but you have to spend your money for that. In my case, it is a quite embrassing story to say, but I will write it in this generate traffic blog methods post anyway..

When I had this blog about a few weeks, I wanted to have traffic, so I do some Google search and read somewhere, using AdWords can increase traffic, so I registered myself there and made a campaign..then I spend about $100 a day to get traffic. I stopped the campaign right in the day one though, so I lost $100 in AdWords. Now, I realize how silly I was.

This was true that my traffic was increased that day, but what can that traffic do? I offered everything for free, and they visit my sites, I had to pay $100 a day, that’s all. I did not even had AdSense account at that time. So from this experience, I guess paid traffic is great if you know what you are doing, and you get benefit or profit from it, if not, you would only lose money.

The Best Method to Generate Traffic To Your Blog

The best traffic until today is the free generate traffic blog methods. If you aim for more visitors, you will get them and if you aim for profits, there are big possibility you make sales, and they are free.

Having more visitors with generate traffic blog methods for free are every webmaster’s dream. I am sure you already found so many SEO blog tips alot either in other websites or my blogs, but the essential points are patient and hard works.

generate traffic

Right, you do not need to be on your computer for 24 hours a day to increase and generate traffic to your site, but you need to have a discipline when you should regularly post, and promote your site.

Patience is very important too, because without it, you may end on giving your site a risk to be flagged as spam by Google due to over-promote your website.

My Tips to Generate Traffic

Actually I have not found any new tips to generate traffic, because basically any tips you will find is already shared everywhere, every bloggers repeat and repeat again what it can be done to gain more visitors.

I have posted how to get seo tips 2011 and how to get 1000 visitors a day post, if you are interested how my method to generate traffic to this blog this one year of my blogging journey.

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