Get Into Facebook At School

How to get into facebook website when you are at school.

This is an awkward post i have wrote in this blog, but i just can’t resist it :(

Story happens when my brother in law (which is still in high school) wanted to access facebook at school.

I was like “huh” but i still gave him an idea why it is blocked in his school. Kids nowadays..

His school definitely has some policies that prevent the students get on Facebook at school hours and using school computer.

He could actually wait until the school hours is over and he can visit facebook after school.

I strongly recommend that do not get into Facebook while you are at school. You can live without Facebook for a few school hours.

Risks visiting facebook at school:

  • Suspension because you break the school rules and policy.
  • Some sites are not secure, so you can risk your facebook private informations.

However there is a way to visit Facebook while you’re at school.

Get on proxy sites, just google “Anonymous surfing” and this will give you lists of sites where you can enter your facebook.

Do school work first, and surf in Facebook when you’re at home, the most save one :D

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