Get Rid Of Spam Bots In WordPress With G.A.S.P

How to get rid of spam bots that flooding your comment folders in WordPress 3.

I have been active in blog’s commenting lately, and i noticed before i hit “Submit” my comment, there was a “Confirm YOU are not a spammer” button.

Many blogs have this button, and i wonder what the heck the button was for.

Also lately it has been lots of blog posts promotes a new plugin called G.A.S.P, stands for Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin.

I usually ignore some promotion posts, especially if it’s related to add more plugins.

A few days ago, i still had 15 plugins installed, i thought “Oh God, don’t attempt me to add another plugin”..

It has been a few days, there were bot spams comments in my spam folder that were filtered by Akismet.

Those bots are submitting comments to wordpress blogs, it’s done automatically, they are not human being, and if you don’t have akismet plugin on, they will appear in your comment box. Check out how to activate Akismet in one of my tutorials.

Eventhough it was easy to empty the spams, by clicking “empty spams” button in my dashboard, i gave G.A.S.P plugin a try.

G.A.S.P will combat all the automatic comments poster, so you won’t see some spam comments in your spam folders.

To install this plugin, just type “Growmap” in Plugins → Add New → Search Box. Then install and activate it.

After two days using this plugin, i finally can get rid of those spam bots comments. You should give it a try. You can still deactivate and delete it if you don’t like anyways :)

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