Get Your Blog Indexed By Bing

How to get wordpress blog gaining traffics from MSN or Bing search engine.

There are many search engines that really can generate your wordpress blog traffics.

To me, Google is still the biggest search engine, however do not forget Yahoo, and Bing. These two search engines, i guess can be the second and third biggest search engines on the web.

I have posted how to submit your blog to Google and to Yahoo, and this time , we will add your blog’s address to Bing. I don’t make any videos, because it is simple.

Actually, my traffic from bing is not as much as from Yahoo or Google, but it is also not bad. Especially submitting your blog to bing is very easy. This is why i recommend that you submit your wordpress blog to Bing search engine.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to this URL:

Bing's URL

2. Type in the character to make sure that you are a human ;)

3.Type your wordpress blog’s URL in the box, and hit “Submit URL” button.

Type in Captcha, and URL

That’s all, It’s simple and easy now try to build relevant links to your blog, but keep it naturally.

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