Go Here To Finish Installation WP-Robot Error

Go here to finish installation WP-Robot Plugin

I guess a few days ago, three or four days ago, I have updated my best autoblog plugin, WP-Robot to the most current version in one of my blogs, and I encountered go here to finish installation error.

The reason why I updated my autoblog plugin is because there are quite neat new features that WP-Robot now has. (related: WP-Robot new features and discount code).

Although I don’t recommend 100% automation on your blogs, but if you are curious and want to try new things, such as building blogs empire, and you don’t want to outsource or pay freelancer, then automation is one of many alternatives.

Oddly, after Panda update a few months ago, autoblogs seem to be back, I have checked many keywords in Google, and they can rank high again, even after the fact that Google wanted to wipe them all of from the world wide web..

Go here to finish installation even after entering email address

As a premium plugin, installing wp-robot in a wordpress blog is not more complicated than installing other plugins.

Although there is one major difference on the installation process, which is uploading, instead of searching this premium plugin in wordpress plugin database.

If you are new to wordpress, you might want to check this installing wp plugin tutorial that will help about searching plugin you may need based on the keyword and then installing it inside your dashboard.

I have to write this, it only applies in a selfhosted wordpress. See this how much does a wordpress blog cost to know the difference between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org.

Yes, I have to mentioned it again since I still receive many emails asking, “Why do I have not a plugin tab in my dashboard”.

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Now, back to my solution for WP-Robot plugin error, that asks go here to finish installation even after I have checked whether I typed my email incorrect or some corrupted files..

Go here to finish installation WP-Robot error solution

As we might know one plugin can affect the other in our blogs.

This is why, it is always recommended that we only install necessary plugin not only because of the loading speed of our wordpress admin page or dashboard, but also because of compatibility.

After getting go here to finish installation error after trying to update my WP-Robot or you may get it while installing this plugin for the first time, my solution was disabling an option in W3 Total Cache, which is called “Object Cache”.

See this screenshot:

go here to finish installation
W3 Total Cache -> Object Cache

After disabling this “Object Cache” I entered my email address again, and it worked smoothly.

In my case, after I disabled this Object Cache, install Wp-Robot, and then enabling Object Cache in W3 Total Cache option again, once my autoblog plugin works.

That was the simple fix if you have same issues like myself, which is “go here to finish installation” installation error , and you are also using W3 Total Cache too.

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