Good Blog Titles Or Names

In this video i want to give you tips what good blog titles or names are.

When you want to name a blog, you should decide which blog names you will use as a blog title or name before you launch a wordpress blog or a website, so that you won’t update your names or titles too often.

This i learnt from my mistake.

These are the steps:

1. Do not use a base keyword because most people use this keyword, and you will have high competitors.
Example of base keyword: Travel.

2. Focus on long tail keywords for your blog names or titles.
In Google keyword tool, and to do some keyword researches with this “travel” long tail keywords, means two or three keyword phrases.
Example of long keywords tail:
Travel agent bookings
beaches travel agents
online travel agents
cruise travel agents
Canadian travel agents (depends on your location)

Picking long tail keywords will give us chance to get traffics and enable us to rank higher because of low competitions.

After you decide which keywords you think it has low competitors, if you have a webhost, choose a good domain name, and put the keyword in your domain name. It would be perfect if you find a short domain name with your keywords, but if you don’t,  put one of these keyword in your blog title.

If you haven’t have a webhost and domain name, you can install wordpress locally to learn wordpress, either with windows and mac.

Based on my experience, having a good blog title is helpful, but your blog post title is much more important, if you are using wordpress, here is a complete tip how to optimize your blog post title with All in SEO pack plugin.

Tips: If you are looking for a blog niche that are hot on the internet right now, google hot trends will be useful.

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