Good cheap wordpress hosting

It’s better to have a good cheap wordpress hosting than a blog in a free blogging websites.

Everyday, when you are active in blogging or webmasters forum, you would see, people complain that their blogs are suspended without any warnings, so that you can backup your blog before they close your account.

For this reason, this is why i state, that a cheap wordpress hosting is the best choice when you start to blog than choosing to have a blog in blogspot or free blog. (see more my post about moving free blog to selfhosted.)

Even using free webhost is not realiable, because they have so much errors that i experienced myself. Those errors are frustating especially if you can make money from your blog.

Are there any good cheap wordpress hosting deals?

It’s basically the same with daily life principle, you get the price and you get the same level quality. There is no perfect wordpress hosting.

If you want to run one blog until 5 blogs in one webhosting account, then there are many good cheap wordpress hosting.

But for example, if you want to run many many blogs, (autoblogs) let’s say 50 until 100 blogs, then i recommend you pay for a dedicated server.

It means with a cheap wordpress hosting, which is mostly common is sharing webhosting service, they can’t handle your 50ish wordpress blogs.

What are good cheap wordpress hosting that i recommend?

Because i have my own experience with these two cheap wordpress hosting, so i recommend them to you.


You pay about 3.5/a month, and free domain for a lifetime is including. Although is not as popular as HostGator, i choose it as the top good cheap wordpress hosting.

Recently, i feel that my blog loads slower than usual, i removed some ads, however i am not sure if it was ads, or JustHost, i will pay attention on it.

a. When you want to log in to your cPanel, it has more security, because you must enter your username for Authentication Required dialog box. (HostGator does not have it).

The login security- justhost

b. The support team is awesome, very fast, and the interface is much more nice than HostGator. (see screenshot).

good cheap wordpress hosting

The tick box in

cheap good wordpress hosting

No tickbox in HostGator.

I like the box where you can tick the folder if you want to rename, edit, or delete them. In HostGator you do not have them, it is somehow for me scary to select them because i am afraid to delete a folder accidentally without the tick box.

2. HostGator. → you can use this coupon code to get discount: FROMBLOGWEB6

HostGator are most used wordpress hosting, almost bloggers i know use them. HostGator is known to have a very helpful customer service.

Because i work with my client’s cPanel on HostGator, i notice some difference.

The most cool thing from HostGator is the Simple DNS Zone editor feature, that you need if you want to have a selfhosted cdn for your images and videos. (see the highlighted red icon).

simple dns editor HostGator

Those are the good cheap wordpress hosting that i choose, let me know your opinions.

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