Google Adsense Beta- Try The New Adsense Interface

New features of Adsense Beta, and what you can do with it to optimize your blog’s earning.

When i logged in a few days ago to my adsense’s account, there was a new notification, asking me if i want to try a new Beta version of Google Adsense.

Because it reminds me of Twitter new interface which i don’t like, so i just click “NO, Thanks” button.

But after a few times log in, i was very curious, and i thought, “ok, i will try”.

It was really great feature, you can view most of everything, and it gives more options for us, blog owner who has Adsense.

When you logged in to the new interface (beta), it will directly showing these following notification:

1. “Todays estimated earnings”.

2. “Estimated unpaid earnings”, as well as

3.”Last Payment”.

I took the screenshot:

Google Adsense Beta New Interface.

With this new layout, i guess you can make the most of Adsense by viewing other features.

With the quick report and performance report, you can check which ads replacements work for you, and which one has the most clicks.

Have you try Google Adsense Beta new interface? I did!

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