Google AdSense disadvantages List

Google AdSense disadvantages – is there any?

When you already run your websites (including a wordpress blog) for a while, I am sure you have ever heard about Google’s AdSense ads or even already published them in your website. (related: is AdSense good for bloggers?).

Having those advertisements banners in your blog indeed can generate you extra income if you have traffic, however surely, things have pros and cons.

This does not exclude those ads, there are actually Google adsense’s disadvantages.

Personally, since I have already used AdSense for a almost 1.5 half years, I guess there are more advantages than Google AdSense disadvantages. (from a blog owner’s side).

But honestly, I have received many comments and feedbacks to remove those banner ads from my blog from my visitors, or blogger friends.

Especially, at those months where I still used infolinks and AdSense together in one page.

Now before we go to the Google AdSense disadvantages, we will look for the advantages first

First of all, AdSense can be applied by everyone who has their own websites or blogs. Or if you use blogspot blog (which also owned by Google company) you can also use their CPC ads.

However if you use free blog, you cannot use AdSense, unless you have a huge traffic which is almost impossible to achieve for newbies. (related: adsense in

Apart of the fact, where everyone can use it, it is also extremely easy to use and integrated with your content. You have ability to customize the colors of the text, and size, so they can blend with your website layout. (related: AdSense’s best placement).

To maximize your revenue, you can try one position to another or even change one color to another, so you will see which one works best for your website.

Another advantage is the quick payment and it’s regular. Once you reach the treshold that you have set yourself or set by default, you will be notified that you will be paid.

In my “when adsense will pay” post, I wrote my first payment experience, and it is infact the quickest payment you can have on the internet.

Other affiliate networks do pay fast too, but AdSense’s is the fastest, in my opinion.

The last advantage is that you can use your one account for many websites or blogs, as long as they are yours.

This one however, need to be considered carefully, because if you use your account for tons of websites which don’t really have quality content, it will risk your account getting banned.
I personally prefer to have less income but more steady and for a long term, then a lot in a few months, and the account will be disabled- happens very often.

google adsense disadvantages

We have discussed about AdSense’s advantages above, let’s see the next..

Google AdSense disadvantages

It’s obvious, when you have AdSense’s banner ads or text format ads in your blog, your visitors will get distractions.

I personally would not mind seeing or even clicking ads, but if a site has more ads than content, I would not stay long..This simply means, your bounce rate can be high, since people will not stay in our sites longer.

However, if your goal is to make money, then it should not be a matter, but try to keep your bounce rate low. (related: reducing bounce rate).

Another Google AdSense disadvantages are it reduces your site’s speed perfomance because it uses external javascript that is not easy to combine, and most of the banner ads use flash formats.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you don’t put any ads from another network because AdSense’s ads alone makes blog loads slower than if your site has no ads..

Lastly, but very important, you will need to have a decent amount of traffic to your site to get a decent revenue.

This should be something not to worry about if you are a newbie, because the more you will publish articles in your blog the visitors will come alone.

Don’t forget to practice SEO tips and tricks that are available to read on the internet, and you will achieve your goal with AdSense’s revenue.

Those are some Google AdSense disadvantages that you can consider before putting ads in your site or blog.

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