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This Google analytics post is actually written because I have read someone asked a question how to intregate GA to his/her blog.

It has been some years, that is more popular than blogger blogspot because of the up-to-date features and many other benefits. (related: which one is better wordpress or blogger?).

Not trying to compare them both in this Google Analytics post, but because I have tried both of them, although it was not long enough to judge, however, from the admin interface, space and layout, I would prefer using than blogger blogspot.

I found blogger blogspot admin page is somehow not really nice organized, though surely blogspot is also better in some ways than website, especially if you want to monetize your blog or website.

Google Analytics – the use of it in a blog?

Intergating this Google tracking script can be really useful for a website or blog, because you will know more in depth about how long do they stay in your website, how many page views most your visitors make, and so much more..

By checking the visitors trending in your blog or website, you will then be able to see which content actually brings more traffic.

Now talking about Google Analytics blog, we surely do not talk about monetizing your blog. (related: add adsense in, and add plugins in

I can truly understand why users want to add this tracking script code to their blogs, as other self-hosted wordpress users can do.

I have actually created a video tutorial where to paste Google analytics code if you have a self-hosted wordpress blog users. If you are not, then that tutorial is unfortunately not for you.

If you want to know why, please read this Google Analytics post further..

Google Analytics – How to intregate Google Analytics in Blog?

Since I have also one blog in, and I saw there are ways to see how your blog performs with its visitors, somehow having GA script is still wanted by most bloggers, be it in or blogs.

In Google Analytics official explanations, it states clearly, than is actually a shared of environment, where millions of people use wp to blog without any costs.

This means, it is just like sharing the house, if one of a family member caught flu, there is a big possibility where other family members get this flu bug.

So what is the connection of flu bug with and Google Analytics thing? it is the javascript. GA code is a javascript code. And Javascript code is not allowed to be in blogs.

google analytics

The reasons are definitely making sense, that Javascripts are easier to get modified or hacked. This mean if one blog use javascript (example, GA javascript code) and it is hacked by somebody, this can risk other bloggers as well.

Because of this reason Google Analytics is not possible to have at the moment, and considering this matter I am happy I have installed wordpress in my own webhost and can have anything I want.

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