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Google indexing my own story of this problem

Google indexing problems are often becoming some problems which are worrying newbies bloggers, including me, some months ago.

This blog is one year old, but when it was about five until six months old, I had this problem too.

This is the case, which is also my own story in Google indexing thing of blogging experience too..

When I created a post, and then published it, in a few minutes or hours later, I checked Google if my post is already listed or in SEO world, it is called, “indexed”.

Now it reminds me of one of readers which was a little bit confused about index and no index stuff.

google indexing

To be indexed means, you can find that post in Google search. Why do we need to get our post indexed? simple, because we want our information that we wrote through our post can be seen on Google, so that people can find it.

For example, if you write a post, let’s say with title, “How to be a good blogger”, you optimize your post (related post: optimize article for SEO),and then you publish it.

Then, people type “How to be a good blogger” on Google search box..There are two possibilities, they can find your post and visit your blog, or, they can’t find your post, but other people posts which are similar to yours.

Now, to get people to see your post, first thing is to get Google indexing or listing your post on its search result. And then to RANK..If you rank well on that keywords, then your post will rank in the top of other blog posts out there.

So this is the summary to solve or to be better if you have google indexing problem in your blog, or maybe even it just lists slow, do not give up, if you do everything right, it will slowly be better with the website’s age:

  1. Write great post with On page SEO, means optimized, I am using this SEO plugin to achieve it.
  2. Get Google indexing your post really fast, one thing I notice, who publish the first information, will be on the top of the second, third, and so forth.
  3. Bookmark that post in dofollow bookmarking sites.
  4. Build quality backlinks to that post.

There is more on Google indexing your blog post!

Some bloggers actually said, Google indexing their blog postsĀ  usually in about a few minutes after they hit “publish” button. How is it possible? so I asked myself a few months ago.

Yes, that’s absolutely possible, I said it because of the fact that happened in this blog too. Read more..

Google indexing blog post time is really depending on many things, as following:

Blog age.

The younger the blog you have, the more unreliable when approximentally your blog post will be listed. A few months ago, I had to wait about 10 minutes sometimes even one hour or more to get my specific article listed. Now, I published my post, it will be indexed about 2 or 3 minutes!


If you haven’t created a sitemap.xml, I recommend you are doing it soon, feel free to check how to create sitemap.xml since this is very important to help Search Engine bots crawling your site easily.

Page Rank.

Though I have never had a “higher” PR site before, and this blog is on PR4, I really notice the difference in Google indexing. When I had no PR, it was unstable and unpredictable about Google indexing, but now, I notice my posts are listed extremely fast. (related post: PageRank update 2011 how i get my PR back from 0 to 4)


As in my post about blog commenting is good for SEO, it will help to get listed quicker too. Because Google see your article’s link is somewhere, which is helping to get crawled.

Though the list above can’t answer how long EXACTLY Google indexing will take, because none knows, and it really depends on your blog.

To me personally, the more important rather than to be listed is how to rank high after it is listed.

Focus on your content and Google indexing should not worry anyone.

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      I have already posted many SEO posts based on my blogging experience so far, you can find then in SEO categories and wordpress tutorial categories.

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    There are WP plugins that support, in contrast with blogspot…xixixixi
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  2. Sajjad Bhatti says

    Hello, I was frustrated and confused about my website ranking. After reading this article I get some relief. My website is 1 year old now but still it’s ranking is very low. I only get average 2500 visitors daily (arround 5-6000 pages/day). And my new blog is is just starting. Please have a look and let me how can I improve the backend of my website and blog to get it top of the Google. Thanks, Please Reply me If someone really want to help me