Google New Toolbar – Interesting new feature of Google

Google New Toolbar — impressing and surprising

It is like my routinity, to go to Google regularly each day. I guess I can not live without Google. I bet you can’t too!

Google is the biggest search engine at the moment, it means though there are some great search engines out there, but Google is just the only one which can brings the most organic traffics to your blog.

As usual, I wanted to check my Google adsense account, I am always doing it every morning when my boy goes to school.

I was so surprised, something changes, there is a toolbar on the top, that looks like a website’s navigation.

It has a current style, which is a blue line on the top of the menu tab itself. Quite neat.

What does make Google new toolbar interesting?

Apart of blue line on the border top of its menu, it shows your name on the right corner, and easier to check your email address.

I thought I wanted to put a screenshot as well. Here is the screenshot of the google new toolbar:

google new toolbar

New looks of Google toolbar

As you can see, it has a slight shadow border in the bottom of the navigation.

This Google new toolbar also gives more clear about what we can do, such as sign in button which is now placed on the place with a different color, as well as the drop down menu which its color is more appealing and interesting.

The wheel icon in the very top right, is a settings icon, when you click on that button, it will show, Search settings, iGoogle, and Privacy.

I did not really pay attention on this settings button itself with the old interface, but the icon in Google new toolbar is interesting to me.

I have the feeling, I am visiting a normal website, not a search engines, it is somehow more user friendly.

Google New Toolbar — not available in every countries yet?

When I visited a forum which the members are mostly from India, I have noticed some people said, they do not see any Google new toolbar on their pages yet.

Just like when they released the Adsense new beta interface, some people did not see this google new toolbar yet, while others who live in the US already had this feature.

I guess it’s not different case, but the Google new toolbar will be available quite soon in every countries in this world.

We will see. However, when I logged in and accessed my googlemail account, I did not see any major changes, except the friendly googlemail username which is located on the top right.

When you click on your gmail username, you will see almost all datas of your email. In the drop down menu, you will find, your name which you used to sign up with Gmail, and then following with your complete email address.

In the last row, you will find a quick “log out” button when you want to log out from your googlemail account.

I like the Google new toolbar, do you?

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