Google PageRank is a mystery indeed!

Google PageRank Frequent updates

It feels really like a few days ago, when I posted Google pr updates 2011, how my blog went to PR4 from PR0.

And lately, everyone (especially webmasters or bloggers) including myself noticed some PR updates which has short time difference, about a month or so.

The updates are really surprising, and surely, to those who have always think that Google pagerank is very important, they will check their pages’s page rank regularly.

I am always noticing the updates, since I have SEOquake addon installed with my Firefox web browser. (latest post about Firefox, Firebug bottom bar disappeared in Firefox 5.0).

By using this addon, whenever I visit a page or my own web pages, there is a small green bar in the right corner of my Firefox browser that will show me the associated page’s PR.

This makes everything easier, and I do not need to check my site’s PR whenever there is Google pagerank update.

None knows about Google Pagerank formula

Since I am an active member of a popular webmasters forum, it is very common that whenever there is PR updates, some people will announce it, either they will have PR drops, or having their page rank increased.

However, what I found really annoying is that some people will ask the same thing, like “how to increase page rank?”

I mean, there are tons of SEO tips and techniques out there, but really, none knows the formula or none can really explains how it is calculated.

Some typical methods, are improving our site’s SEO and if you don’t force it, it will come alone in the end.

Since I don’t see any significant difference on traffic or indexing, I am trying not to focus on Google PageRank too much.

I know it is good to have a higher PR but it is not the very first point I should achieve with my blog.

My real focus after Google PageRank updates are actually if I see any difference on Search Engine Result Pages.

If my site’s ranking stays the same, that is all that matters to me, I don’t get worried too much about the PR.

Google PageRank is a mystery indeed!

Additionally, none will understand how this logarithmic works. As a fact, this 1,5 years blog with more backlinks is on PR2 while my “extremely new” blog with one post, and built about 4 months ago is on PR3.

I have never touch nor promote that new PR3 blog, but it just happens.

However, my inner pages, such as “About me” page, and other pages are on PR3, including sitemap.xml!

How would I understand or can someone explain how my sitemap.xml is on PR3?..

google pagerank

Sitemap.xml is on PR3 - August 2011

Anyway, I don’t want to sell links in my site, so to me traffic is much more important.

My PR3 blog has 20-30 visitors daily, and this one has about 5000 – 6000 visitors daily, surely I would prefer having the lower PR but the higher traffic.

How is Google PageRank important to you?



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