Google Panda October 14th and Then PageRank Update November 7th – 8th

Google Panda October 14th – Another Algorithm Update

Almost all webmasters have suffered Google Panda October 14th algorithm update, including me.

How did it all happen? I sometimes wonder too. Actually, exactly on November 12th, this blog’s traffic has been increased extremely a lot, and then it dropped terribly ever since.

I notice not only myself who has been hit hard, because a lot of people in webmasters forums have complained the same situation.

Although I am also happy when search engines like Google provides great result in their search result pages, however, this updates seem to spoil “copied” content sites or blogs.

For some keywords that I have checked, a lot of autoblogs or sites which have copied contents from big sites rank higher than this blog.

In another part, my autoblogs have good advantages from this update, but I did not really want it, because I worked and spent some money for this blog, so at least this blog should be having more improvements than my autoblog’s visitors..

Google Panda October 14th – which content is called a better content?

After the algo updates last month, I also notice whenever a webmaster asks what he can do to avoid big G panda, including the Google Panda October 14th, everyone will answer, write original content.

But then seeing the search results for almost keywords nowadays, the sites which are mostly in the page 1, are usually, sites which do not have enough contents, probably only a few sentences and blocks of ads.

Or as I mentioned above, there are also some copying pages which are obviously far away from “original” content.

Not that saying my content is better than yours, or my spam is better than yours, but none really knows how the algo of Google is made..

google panda october 14th
PR2 to PR2 November 2011

Google Panda October 14th is followed by PageRank Update on Novemeber 2011

I ever wrote in my previous post, which is called, “Google pagerank is a mystery“, that having a higher PR does not mean more visitors or more income..

Now I have proved it myself, that this blog home page a few months ago, had PR2, and now increased to PR3 but having less visitors.

Which one I would prefer? To be honest, I would prefer lower ranking but more visitors. Which webmaster does not want more visitors?

Having more visitors can only means more profits if you have some affiliate links, or monetize your blog with Google adsense.

Are you affected by Google Panda October 14th? if you aren’t, be happy, but also be ready, there will be many of Panda updates in the future.

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  1. shashank chinchli says

    Hey congo first of all for PR 3.N yes drop in traffic for bloggers like you implies expecting from google some new update again! DO check your caption it should be PR 3;)