Google pr update 2011 | How i get my pagerank back from 0 to 4

Google pr update 2011 — Hot topics for webmasters.

For those who are active in webmasters forum or checking their blog PR regularly, should notice the Google pr update 2011 already or in a coming days..(mine is updated today, as i notice after i checked because of someone mentioning this Google pr update 2011 in a forum ).

For you guys who have increased PR in this Google pr update 2011, congratulations, for you who have still no pagerank, or not yet increased, you should read my story in this Google pr update 2011 post further..

Let’s talk more about Google PageRank, firstly what exactly a PageRank for our blogs are.

Google PageRank (Google pr update 2011 too) is a numeric value analysis thats Google search engine uses to show a website or blog’s importance on the web. The more important a website to Google’s “eyes” the higher PR it will get.

The numeric values shows from N/A until 10. Google has PR 10. This is why people who has blogs tend to bookmark their posts or blog to high PR bookmarking sites, to add “importance” value for their websites. For more infos on this, you can read it on wikipedia website.

But keep it in mind, PR (including this Google pr update 2011) does not guarantee that your blog has a good position in Google search engine result pages (first or second page of Google). There are tons of blogs which have high PR but less traffic.

Google pr update 2011 — what is so good if you have higher PR?

I had a story with this blog. When i started this blog a year ago, after two months, i got PR 2. Then a few months later, there was an update, and my PR dropped from 2 to 0. I was sad, because i was so new in blogging world, i thought, what have i done to get my pr dropped from 2 to 0?.

Because i was sad, and wanted to get it back, i asked in many forums about it also posted in about pagerank dropped to 0.. In the end, i come to conclusion that Google pr update 2011 is not important nowadays, since people can manipulate it with buying links, and those “blackhat” stuff. Though Google staff is also getting smarter and can trap your blackhat method, so be aware..

As i mentioned, Google pr update 2011 is or PR generally is not too important if you don’t have traffic and also because it can drop again after this Google pr update 2011, however it is important if you want to advertise in site or any other advertising site.

google pr update 2011

Google pr update 2011 my pagerank at the moment.

But these are advatages if you have high PR which applies to this Google pr update 2011 as well.

1. Higher authority and weight.

When you have a higher PR blog, it determines that your blog has more authority and weight on the webmasters world.

Google gives this authority to show only quality websites have a good PR. Since people can cheat it therefore, Google is more strict to list high quality websites.

2. More people want to advertise in your site, because of its credibility.

In number 1 above, more weight means more credibility. When a visitor as a webmaster visit your blog and find out that your blog has good value for Google, they notice too, that your site must have content.

This means, more advertisers want to put their website’s link to your blog. Funny, because yesterday, i received an email from someone, and she asked how much per month i charge for an advertising. At that moment i did not realize that my pr is updated to 4.

3. The more chance to get indexed frequently.

Because Google think that your website is very important for its visitors, Google bots will crawl your blog post or page more frequently and indexed it quick too.

Google pr update 2011 — How i get my pr back from 0 to 4 tips.

I want to create free ebook on this (including my white hat secret + videos how i did increase my page rank in Google pr update 2011) so keep updated, or better subscribe..

But these are the changes i have made on this blog to get better result in this Google pr update 2011:

1. Switch theme to Thesis. (see more on the reasons why i use thesis theme post).

2. Use this blog seo plugin that can boost ranking (because this plugin can check keyword density, h2 tag, etc).

3. Make this blog nofollow. Yes, because to me, i prefer to have 0 comments than spammy comments. (sorry to sound harsh, but i just want to be honest).

That’s only the basic big change that i have made on this blog, and then i got this Google pr update 2011 good postive result from 0 to 4.

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