Google Publisher Plugin – For AdSense and Webmaster Tools

First released on 15 January 2014, now, you can easily add your site to Google’s webmaster tools and adding your AdSense ads in just one click of button inside your WordPress dashboard by using this Google Publisher Plugin, that you can also find in WordPress plugin directory.

Don’t forget to read the reviews, especially the one star review to have more consideration before installing and activating this plugin.

If adding adsense inside your content was a hard task in the past, you can try this plugin. More tips on AdSense, you may interested on this post.

How Google Publisher Plugin plugin works

Let’s take a look quick how it works;

1. Install it inside your dashboard, by going to “Plugins”, “Add New” and look for “Google Publisher plugin”.

I know I searched different phrase in the video.

Scroll down, until you find “Google Publisher Plugin (beta)” which is created by “Google”. It’s important to check the name of the plugin’s creator, since there are tons of similar plugin names.

2. Once it’s activated, you can see the settings, in “Settings”, “Google Publisher Plugin”.

You will see this box:

Google Publisher Plugin get started  button

Google Publisher Plugin get started button

3. Before you click “Get Started” button, be sure to login into your Google’s account.

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4. Click “Get Started”.

5. Click “Verify” to verify your site, it will redirecting you back to your dashboard, and ask you to wait to verify your website.

Verify your site with Google Publisher plugin

Verifying your site

6. Once verification is done, you will see that “Your site is verified” and you can even manage your site from here, by clicking “Manage Site”.

Manage ads with Google Publisher Plugin in dashboard

Manage ads with Google Publisher Plugin

And for adsense, you will get “Open AdSense” button together with “Performance reports” and “Help” buttons here.

7. My favourite part is by clicking “Manage ads” in the “AdSense” tab, this will show you many plus red buttons indicate in those places, you can add your AdSense, very handy.

Plus Adsense button adding adsense inside content

Plus Adsense button where you can add your AdSense Ads there.

Once you click one of them, you should see green rectangle area with setting icon in left bottom area. Click this to set your AdSense setting, like Ad format and Ad type, click “Close” once you’re done choosing.

Setting Google publisher plugin and adsense

Setting Google publisher plugin and adsense

Page or post setting

Page or post setting

Also, you can manage your ads using the page setting on the top left, if you want it on “Front page”, “Single Post”, and “Single Page”.

Once your done with the modification, click “Save & Activate” blue button and “Close” button on the top right of Google Publisher Plugin’s Setting page.

The ads may appear in a few minutes, and don’t forget to clean your browser’s cache to see it works.

Google Publisher Plugin Video

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