Google SEO handbook -Increase Your Traffic Tips

Google SEO Handbook- Steps to help your blog or website to be more visible in Search Engines Results Page (SERP).

Of course most of us, webmasters want to have our blog posts appear in the front of Google, or other search engines page.

The Small Business Owner’s Handbook to Search Engine Optimization: Increase Your Google Rankings, Double Your Site Traffic…In Just 15 Steps – Guaranteed

What is this Google SEO handbook about?

This book is about the top 15 tips to boost your Google search page results ranking and increase your wordpress blog or website’s traffics.

If you have installed your blog, the working is not done. You also want people find your website, especially if you want to sell something with your site.

This is easy logic, if people can’t find your site in search engine result page (Google especially), then it is nearly impossible for you to market your products. This is why you need this Google SEO handbook.

Will this Google SEO handbook work?

Certainly, but you need to do other optimization too, including on page optimization. It means you if you have a wordpress blog, it is more easy to apply this technique. See more about my posts, changing default permalinks to more SEO friendly, and how i configure All in One SEO pack plugin.

WordPress is loved by search engines, due to the fresh contant it creates. When you create some posts, WordPress will ping this post to search engines, and your post will be crawled.

With this Google SEO handbook, you will help to get your post crawled by Google robots faster.

Let’s say, your post is already visible in Google, but it does not mean it appears in page 1 or 2. It can appear in the page 100. Not bad, but also not perfect.

I am sure you are a regular user of Google, like me. I do click page 2 below in Google search result very seldom. Mostly, we just click page 1 until 5.

Google SEO handbook is definitely helping you to double your current traffics.

List Price: $ 24.95

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