Google Site Preview- New on Google

Nice new feature of Google search result page to give a preview on how your website looks.

It started just now, i have checked how many pages of my blog has been indexed.

A new feature of Google, which is Google Site Preview. It works when you search for something, and it has a kind of small maginifier icon on the right side of a site’s title.

At first i was a bit surprised what that is, so i just click on that magnifier icon.

Surprisingly, it will show site’s preview images. Quite nice, really.

I am not sure what this new preview feature for, but definitely it helps Google users to figure out what kind of a web page they will land to.

It happened in search result pages. I am not sure about Google official website in another countries.


After clicking magnifier glass icon.

Share your opinion, i like this new preview image!

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      I actually don’t mind having your blog name as an author but having your name first in the front seems to be really cool!

      So i don’t feel like i am talking to a bot or something ;)

      Thanks for visiting Kartik!