Google Traffic For Website or Blog

Google traffic is very important

That’s absolutely right, Google traffic is very important part of websites’s traffic more than other Search Engines.

The reason is actually simple, Google is the biggest Search Engine (SE) out there, it is used by the most internet users.

Most of us run to Google instead searching some informations through other SE.

I personally never used any other SE because I only use big G to look for some infos that I need everyday, either it is about recipes, some newest movies, or even wordpress news.

Since Big G delivers most website traffic to your sites, it is also important to “please” this biggest SE, otherwise, people would not know that our blogs or websites ever existed!

Google Traffic — Each New Updated Contents Bring Another New Traffic

When you post a newest article, (we talk about a wordpress blog) Search Engines will be notified and then they crawl and index your post.

Though how fast Google indexes your new post, depends on many things. (See how fast Google indexes your post).

And if you have RSS feed already set up (set up RSS with feedburner) will also bring another advantage, especially if people syndicate your feed on their blog or websites.

Google traffic is actually not hard to achieve if we have discipline, patient, content and promotions.

Just be sure, you don’t do keyword stuffing in your post (I use and recommend this SEO traffic plugin to check keyword density, yes, good stuff ain’t free!) and create a rich content post.

Creating long post is pretty useless if we don’t focus on a keyword of our new posts.

Generate Google Traffic – The methods

I will post some links or older posts in this blog which may help you to generate Google traffic, because I have done them all on this blog too.

For the starter, read this SEO pdf guide, and apply all this SEO tips 2011, in a few months, you will receive a pretty good amount of Google traffic depending on how many posts you have.

The more posts you have on your blog, the more chance to gain Google traffic, and also, sales, if you have a business websites.

So far, I only use this SEO premium plugin to optimise my post, and I don’t use any other expensive softwares to optmise my posts.

The common mistakes that newbies make in SEO-ing their websites or blogs, they soon give up on the way of their success.

But I can’t blame them 100% since I have also another blogs which I thought it would be successful like this one, but at the end, I don’t have time for them.

google traffic

I suggest you before you want to start another blog, plan carefully, and if you have funds or budgets, do outsource for maintenance or backlinking.

I have tried this outsourcing websites and pay freelancers with a quite affordable price for my other blogs.

If you have only a blog or you maintenance multiple blogs yourself, and you don’t find any problems, the key of your sucess is straightforward, keep updating your blog with fresh unique articles, backlinks and interact with other bloggers, this will result pretty amount of backlinks and ends on massive Google traffic.

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