GoPro Hero 2 Review |GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition CHDOH-002

GoPro Hero 2 Review – At Glance

I purchased this GoPro Hero 2 outdoor camera on Amazon around a few weeks back and I have tried it in my house (outdoor) by using the provided waterproof case and the provided mounting device. (got it at $199)

Setup was so easy, I can use it without actually learning the manual of the menus, I was just ready to try this GoPro Camera HD hero2 out.

This camera comes with battery which is already charged from the manufacturer, so I could immediately test it right after the unboxing.

My first HD videos I have recorded with this camera had very nice quality and the result was absolutely pleasing.

GoPro Hero 2 – GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition CHDOH-002

The packaging is excellent as well as the provided accessories and instruction manuals, as always my experience with Amazon was hassle-free and received the device after a couple of days I placed my purchase.
GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition CHDOH-002

The unit appears to be compact, and is very lightweight and small, it’s the biggest plus I found with this product, really love how light it is, ideal for my model heli!

Most outdoor cameras has micro SD card that is a bit more costly, and you can easily lose it, but this one still uses full SD card, which is awesome.

The videos or files this unit created, you can connect and play them right away on your computer without any problems or additional software, this is really great.

I wish it had “in-camera” exposure options similar to what Contour HD has.

Although, this would without doubt increase the price, space and probably require more battery life, so it is a very tiny drawback to me personally.

To get best result, you will want to test with the best options from your trail and error, recording a few videos, put the SD card out, watch them on your PC, and then adjust if it’s necessary.

GoPro Hero vs GoPro Hero 2

There are slo mo feature, and the new added super slow mo are very good. Unlike the previous GoPro camera with max 60fps, this new GoPro Hero 2 outdoor camera lets you shooting at 120fps, and play back at amazingly twice as slow the previous product.

You can also speed your videos with some software to edit videos!

The other new features, apart of louder beeping sound, another blinking lights, and more big LCD display, the new running LED lights are very cool- there are placed on the backside. (there are also on the top and bottom, but I don’t really care about these two).

gopro hero 2

GoPro Hero2

Although it has a bit flimsy battery covers, it has good battery life (2.5 hours). The full charge only needs 20 minutes!

Oh I need to mention, I actually looked and considered GoPro Hero 2 or Replay XD, Replay XD’s description says 1080p but the videos I have seen only went up to 720p.

And they are not even closer to older GoPro Hero videos. Other than that, as far as I know the Replay XD doesn’t have an option, called “superwide angle”, but it’s offered at the same price as this GoPro Camera HD HERO2 Outdoor Edition CHDOH-002. (which also include many mounting devices).

All in all, I really recommend this GoPro Hero 2, as it’s an absolute a quality device, and a nice extra device for people who want to record video outdoor and don’t want to risk their more expensive camcorders or cameras.

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