Got “Problems After Upgrading To WordPress 3.0.1?”

How to fix or solve wordpress blogs problems since updating, or if your blog doesn’t work as usual, and make you want to downgrade to the older version of wordpress.

I have been updated this blog successfully and it went smoothly without any problems. But i am sure there are tons of wordpress blogger out there who got some troubles or problems since updating their wordpress to version 3.0 or 3+.

These problems can be caused by some plugins, and mostly because these plugins were built for older version of wordpress.

Why can plugins cause problems? This is because those plugins were not updated by the creator, so it can cause some problems while you were updating your blog.

What problems are usually happening to your blog?
1. You can’t upload images, or videos.
2. Redirect problems, your post or page suddenly redirect to some page that you don’t want.
3. Broken RSS feed.
4. Your blog is broken and has white screen.

White Screen after upgrading problem example.

How to fix this updating problems?
1. Deactivate every plugins you installed, by going to your cPanel, and rename them one by one. Refresh your blog.

2. Still not working? switch to default theme, if you can’t login to your dashboard, rename the theme you are currently using. Refresh again.

3. Still does not work? Download wordpress files again from and upload wp-admin and wp-includes folder. Refresh and try to see if it works.

Everytime you try the steps above, refresh and try your blog if it works, after it works again, enable and activate one by one of your plugins, to see which one can cause the problems.

If these methods above do not help, wordpress forum has helpful people. Good luck!

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