Guest Blogging – Will Guest Blogging kill your blog?

Guest blogging – Run a blog without writing yourself

I like the idea of Guest blogging, I even ever accepted another people to write in this blog.

A few months back, I commented to a blog (I forget which blog, since there are so many of them I have visited and commented), but that blog actually wrote, the benefit of guest blogging.

This is more and less what I wrote on that comment, “To me, it only gives advantage to the blog owner, because they can update their blogs without writing themselves. Accept another bloggers as an author, let people write for you, get the traffic and money.

For the guest writer, you will only receive backlinks, and popularity, but not for long. And also, you will not be able to concentrate in your own blog, because you are busy writing for other blogs, and replying the comments in your posts”.

That comment received many replies..but I have just let out what my opinion was.

In another side, I do really appreciate the idea of people who want me to write in their blogs. But in this case, I do not have a confidence, I can’t trust myself writing for other people’s blogs.

Guest blogging – you will have more outbound links

When I read the emails that people sent me through my contact page, which the content mostly is to ask, whether I receive another writers or not.

From those emails, I have noticed many things, that made me thinking, “I don’t do guest blogging”.

What are those things?

Firstly, I have noticed there are more guest blogging email requests since I had a PR4 on this blog.

When my blog has PR0, none asked or want to write here, so I grew this blog alone, and I am happy that I did it.

In that point, people seem to want to write because they want dofollow links, in their author bios, without paying any costs. This is actually like a win-win situation, I would get content, and he will get a free backlink.

But what about if there are hundreds of guest writers? I will give them hundreds backlinks? it will definitely make my blog looks like an article directory.

guest blogging

Guest blogging = Article directory idea = Google new Algorithm

Internet marketers or bloggers, and webmasters, some of them are happy with Google Panda Update, and some of them are disappointed by this new Google’s algorithm.

Also Google content farmer updates (related: is autoblogging dead), was like disaster to some famous websites, including article directories, and autoblogs.

Recently, I have visited some famous blogs which accepts Guest blogging, and I have noticed ranking and traffic drops on them. Are they really affected?

I am not sure, if guest blogging will kill your blog or not, but it will definitely “make” your site like an article directory.

I am not anti- guest bloggers, but I do not want to loose outbound links in my blog, so the question is now, what is the alternative?

The alternative is outsourcing in freelancer site or agency, pay someone to write for you, and you will get a content but without giving any backlinks. (related: backlinks checker sites).

Do you receive guest blogging, share your experience?

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    If you guest blog on a quality website with a lot of traffic and good exposure you can get a legitimate backlink that is valued highly by Google. In the long term that’s an assets