H1 H2 – The importance of heading tags for wordpress post

h1 h2 blog post SEO — basic step.

The very principal thing that you will want to accomplish once you are starting a blog is to optimize your site first, before you promote it.

This way, you can be sure that all of the content on your blog is search engine optimized.

First step would be, doing keyword research, you can use free tool such as google keyword analysis or wordtracker, even Google instant to see which keywords are mainly to be searched by internet browsers that can be potential to capture people which are interested in your blog.

First thing comes first, you are going to need to apply On-page SEO (I have posted, SEO tips 2011), taking care of the importance of h1 h2 in your blog’s content.

h1 h2 are heading 1 and heading 2 tags in html programming language. It is like title and subtitles, showing how important that words for Search engines bots.

Always take a look whether you have h1 h2 in your content.

Checking and editing our blog’s content is very important before we publish it. I suggest this, because of my own experience, i had very “bad” contents in the past, and i wish i did know about this long time ago.

Make sure at least you have h1 h2 tags in your post or article, which contains your keywords.

I am using this wordpress seo plugin which is checking automatically, if i don’t those h1 h2 tags in my post, so i can make it nearly perfect in SEO. (see the screenshot below how this plugin check those tags for me)

h1 h2

The plugin i use checking h1 h2 heading tags.

Not just the wording text, the images that you use in the article should be search engine optimized too. How can we do this? Firstly, rename the image file name to have your main keyword.

After that, you should compress or optimize the image size first, before uploading them to your server. Remember your server is your website storage, more files = less space.

Deep linking between your web pages should be done as well if you want to improve your position in search engines result pages (serps).

For deep linking,I suggest you to have related post and breadcrumbs navigation (that is usually displayed ‘you are here/about/address/’), this will link between one page to another page inside your blog.

For breadcrumbs, you can use yoast breadcrumbs plugin, or adding the code manually. (related posts: Adding breadcrumbs without plugin, and breadcrumbs in Thesis theme)

For related post, i recommend you use related post plugin, like YARPP or adding the code manually (tutorial how to add related posts without plugin and Thesis related posts).

Now if you care about your blog’s PageRank (PR) you should always check about your outbound links. These links are links when you put another website’s link in your post. To be safe, i use this SEO plugin which reminds me if i forgot about nofollow link in my post.

Why we should use h1 h2 header tags

The advantage of using wordpress blog is that it has free SEO plugin, like All in One SEO, or Platinum SEO (list of my best blog plugins) to add meta tags to wordpress blog automatically, without adding the codes.

About adding h1 h2 i am using this plugin to help me checking while i am writing post, whether i have h1 h2 heading tags. Yes, We should use h1 h2 header tags, because they will “tell” search engines bots what your website’s content all about.

Basically when you put h1 h2 header tags containing your keyword phrases, it helps and show the bot how well organized is your website.

h1 h2 heading tags

Applying h1 h2 inside dashboard.

It will make easier for them to render your content’s topic, and this will improve your ranking in serps.

Have you make your site visitors and search engines friendly? h1 h2 best practice to always check.

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