HDE 10.2 Superpad Review

HDE 10.2 Superpad Review – HDE 10.2 Super Pad II Overview

I have used this HDE 10.2 Superpad II for two weeks, and I will honestly tell that for its cost, HDE 10.2 Superpad II is really great value for the money. (sold at $197.90 here!)

Compared to the big money models, this tablet does anything I need, and the most important is it is readable and easy for me to use.

HDE 10.2 Superpad II came with well protected packaging together with a stylus, headphone, a GPS receiver, and a charger. This tablet does have a decent weight, sturdy and I don’t have a feeling of cheap made.

I know some users moan about Android 2.2 tablets are sluggish and slow, but for me, this is not true. I am sure that Android 3.0 up will improve the tablet’s performance, but this HDE 10.2 Superpad II is a perfect unit as it is. (something worth to mention is the battery life, it will last about 3-4 hours, so the best you can do is always bring your charger whenever you are travelling.)

A few people also complain that their Android tablets are getting slower once they use it for a period of time.

It is not happening to me, as I know that some applications just don’t quit, as they run in the background, and this of course reducing the system and slow down the tablet.

In this point, some people do not understand that it is not the tablet’s fault. I just need to close down all apps that I don’t use and it will run smoothly.

hde 10.2 superpad

The HDE 10.2 Super Pad II

HDE 10.2 Superpad II has a few good apps that are pre-installed but if you want to personalize your tablet to have another setting, you can do it easily, for instance, you will definitely want to change the weather settings from a chinese county weather to your own local weather. Actually if you own a droid phone, you should be familiar on how to personalize an android tablet.

HDE 10.2 Superpad II has a MicroSD as well as the two USB sockets which is great for expanding the memory or swap your PC files to your tablet.

I could also access my Windows seven desktop using the network, vice versa, also control the media on my PC.

It was awesome because my desktop was plugged in to my TV in the living room, and I did not need to have a keyboard or stand up from my couch.

I have managed to get the Kindle app with this HDE 10.2 SuperPad II, that is great for google books so far. Reading and surfing websites in bed is easy and fantastic since you can set this tablet to turn off automatically so it will not be on when you fall asleep.

The HDE 10.2 Superpad II also features a built-in webcam, very helpful when you do video chat on Skype, or snap a picture, but do not expect for great quality of pictures.

The HDE 10.2 Super Pad II GPS, I haven’t used this feature, as I use my own seperate mobile GPS, so I think I won’t need it. Besides, it will need the antenna, which is quite long for me, so it is not too portable for me to use the GPS.

HDE 10.2 Superpad Review – HDE 10.2 Super Pad II Specs


  1. Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo)
  2. 10.2-inch Touchscreen display
  3. 1GHz ARM 7100 Processor
  4. 512MB of DDR3 SDRAM
  5. 4GB Hard Drive
  6. Wireless: WiFi 802.11a/b/g
  7. 1x Micro SD (for up to 32GB)
  8. 2x USB 2.0
  9. 1x micro-HDMI
  10. 1x RJ45
  11. Another features: built-in webcam, headphones, GPS, stylus

hde 10.2 superpad

HDE 10.2 Superpad Review – HDE 10.2 Super Pad II Summary

So far, I am very impressed with this little HDE 10.2 Superpad II, easy to use, and really fun to have a tablet that you can use for checking emails on the go and surfing the Internet, for the money, HDE 10.2 Super Pad II is great steal and useful unit, what more could you want?

Overall, although HDE 10.2 SuperPad II is definitely not as cool as owning an iPad but considering 1/3 of its price, I was able to save my money to go to Hawaii for holiday!

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