HELP tab is likely included in the admin bar [WP 3.3 Development version]

HELP Tab – I rarely use it

I am not going to ask you, how often you publish posts in your blog, because it differs from one blogger to another.

But if you are a blogger who post often, let’s say, almost everyday, or latest, once in two days, like myself, you will want everything more practical, even tabs in our wordpress dashboard.

Today, I have checked the latest development of how wordpress 3.3 dashboard will look like (it is still on nightly build, so will be changed frequently), and found that the Help tab will likely to appear in the admin bar, and have many useful links.

See other new features, such as Admin pointers, and drag and drop media upload.

To be honest, after using this most famous blogging software, I have rarely used or pressed the Help button.

I just didn’t find any issues that I have to press the button yet, until I have tried the development version of wp 3.3 today, and saw this button on the top of my screen inside my blog’s dashboard.

Not this blog though, I never install a development version in my online blog, and never recommend you to do it either.

If you want to try any development or beta versions of WPs, do not do it on your blog, but test them out in a temporary environment, like installing wordpress offline on your system.

HELP tab – Why is it now included in admin bar?

As we all know, without question, WP is a popular open source blogging software that can be used from a person who doesn’t know any programming at all, to a techie person who can modify a theme or plugin, but it is definitely the most used CMS blogging software on the Internet. (related: advantages of wordpress CMS)

WordPress is indeed competing other CMS software such as Joomla or Drupal, but they are all great, and I personally think WP is the easiest to use. (I have also tried Drupal and Joomla).

Apart of being success to be used by a lot of individual sites, or firm websites, I find it has a small weakness, that a few of complete new users cannot find some tabs or buttons that they need to customize posts and pages.

One example, was disabling comments on posts or pages, were in fact very simple to achieve, but because the button was hidden by default, people didn’t know it can be done very easily…

However, at least in this developing version, it has now a Help tab in the admin bar, where you can click when you feel you have to find a solution.

Of course, not all issues can be solved with that tab, but at least some basics features are all explained very clearly for all users.

Let’s peek the Help tab

Attached below is the screenshot of the Help tab which I have already clicked in my post page in admin page.

help tab
HELP button when you're in the post page

As you can see, now the screen options is also included inside this button, and I hope people will find it.

Once you clicked this tab, you can actually find different options, depends on where you click it.

Example, when I clicked that button in my post page, you see above picture.

But if I click it, let’s see in the dashboard page, you will see other options inside the Help button. (as shown in this following screenshot)

help tab
When you click it in "Dashboard" page

Clearly, the developers will still improve everything to build the coming version of WordPress to be more easy to use, yet more advanced with many helpful new features and functionality.

I’m so excited about this development version and definitely look forward to see the beta release in the coming months to test it out, including the final Help tab that we have just discussed above.

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