Hex Color Picker for Mac Firefox Addon

Hex color picker for mac is needed especially when you just switch from PC to Mac like myself.

I really loved to use Hex color picker application because not only it was an open source nice program that’s very easy to use, but it was only very helpful.

If you like to play around with the “CSS” thing with your blog, you will definitely need this color picker application.

On my PC, I used it with Firebug and Firefox browser, also a few other add ons, such as web developer tool, and others.

When I use Firefox on Mac, I couldn’t use this Hex Color Picker. So I had to try many add ons to find the good one that I like.

Hex Color Picker for Mac Firefox Addon

I finally find the “Rainbow Color Tools” add-on as the nice Hex Color Picker for Mac alternative.

If you already have Firefox browser installed, you can go to this Rainbow Color Tools, the Hex Color Picker for Mac page to download it.

Once you installed this Firefox addon, you should see a rainbow icon on the top right of your browser (see screenshot below) and by using right click, you will have “extract color scheme” options and many more options to try.

hex color finder for mac

The icon on the top

hex color finder for mac

Extracting result

However, my favorite way to use this tool is to click the add-on icon on the top, and browse the color you like on your screen, and do “one click” to copy the color.

It can be a bit tricky at first, but once you find out how it works, it’s a pretty nice tool.

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