Hide all friends on Facebook Tutorial [2011]

Hide all friends on Facebook

Facebook is addicting, at first, I did not really like using Facebook (especially after they have new facebook layout), which most people say “FB”, but the more I use it, it is really cool to connect with your friends or family.

In my experience, once I add someone I know to be a friend of mine, and when I check who his/her friends are, it often happened that I know that person.

And this will end that I will definitely add that person to be my friend by sending friend request.

When I looked around my friend’s friend list, I have no idea whether this person knows that I am looking or not, but I guess everyone is doing it.

Why I wanted to hide all friends on Facebook?

So one day, I received a friend request from unknown person, I mean I have never known about this person, I was surprised how can this person found me, does this person use a software or something? I asked myself this and that question… (related: facebook find friends by email)

Now when it happened to my account, that someone looked around my friends lists and then they add them or myself randomly, surely we would think about hide all friends on our FB account.

When I checked this person’s profile, there is a small notification on the right side, that someone of my friend list is a mutual friend of this person.

Then I sent him a private message and asked, “do I know you?” but with a friendly message :)

On the next day, I received a reply from this unknown person, and he said, something like this, “oh I add you because you are a friend of..I saw you in her friend list”.

I was kind of surprised at first, but at least this young guy was honest and did not lie.

Actually I did not even think about to hide all friends list, but one day, when something above happened to me, I really wanted to hide all friends on my Facebook.

How to hide all friends on Facebook?

To be honest, Facebook is not too much different with WordPress on the many settings that I have to get used to it by using it frequently and by doing it, I actually learn new things too.

I found how to hide all friends on FB is easy, and not too complicated.

Here is how I hide all friends on Facebook:

1. I assume you are already logged in to your account, if you are not, then this will not work.

2. Once you are in your account, in the top right, along with “log out” button, find “Account” drop down button, and select, “Privacy Setting” button. (see this image)

hide all friends

"Privacy Settings".

3. You will be on “Choose your privacy settings” page.

4. There are many ways on doing it, but for the easiest, next to the “Connecting to Facebook – Control basic information your friends will use to find you on Facebook.” sentence, you will see “view settings” small link, click that link.

hide all friends

"View Settings".

5. After clicking that link, you will see many options, one of them is “See your friend list” option. Click the drop down menu, and select “customise”.

hide all friends

"Customise" option.

6. A “Custom Privacy” dialog box will pop up, now you can choose “Only me” option next to “these people” wording.

hide all friends

"Only Me" option.

7. Click “Save setting” to update your Privacy Settings. And after you did all of above steps correctly, you are now able to hide all friends on Facebook.

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