Hide All Text Above Twenty Eleven’s header

Hide All Text Above Twenty Eleven’s header

As a default wordpress template of the current version when this post is written by me, Twenty Eleven has so many theme options which you can try here and there, to modify your own theme look that you wish.

Although I also recommend to use Twenty Eleven child theme when you want to modify some css style or another functionality of this theme, however in this only post, we do not need to touch or edit any files in wp-content folder and then theme folder.

Actually straight after you install wordpress, you will have this default template activated, and after changing your own header image, you would probably notice you may want to clean up site description and other texts, including removing search box on the header.

Hide All Text Above Twenty Eleven’s header – Moving Search box

As ever I wrote in my older article, this “removing white space header” post, some weeks ago, before wordpress version 3.2 was released, people who use Twenty Ten default theme, were asking how they can actually move the search box to their navigation bar or where the menu tabs are.

However, with this cool theme, when you hide all those text above the header, it will be automatically moving the search box in the navigation bar, just exactly like what many people ever wanted with their Twenty Ten WordPress theme.

In case, you are still using Twenty Ten theme, these old posts might be interesting to see;

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3. Change home or welcome page

hide all text above twenty eleven's header
All the text that we will hide

How to hide all text above Twenty Eleven’s header

The method does not require us to edit any files at all, so it can be achieved by everyone, as long as they use this theme.

We will have to use the theme’s options which are already built-in into the theme itself.

Wonder how you can try some features but you don’t want to apply it in your online blog yet? I can only recommend you to install wordpress offline in your computer and trying everything, including messing with this theme, without disturbing your online live blog’s appearance.

Click this link below for the simple steps how you want to hide all text above Twenty Eleven’s header;


Remember to save your changes after following the steps above.

Refresh your blog, and you should see all the text is gone, and you will still have the search box which is now on your navigation.

I hope this simple tutorial above to hide all text above Twenty Eleven’s header is helping you to explore all this default theme’s cool features and options.

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