Hide “Posted In Category”

If you use Twenty Ten WordPress 3.0.1, in the home or front page, you probably will notice under the post, after “Continue reading” words, you have “Posted in your Category” and the “Leave a comment” words.

If you want to hide the Posted on Category, it is not difficult, however don’t forget to copy the theme files.

This is the line we want to hide.

The line we will hide.

So here are the steps removing “posted in Category” under your post.

1. As usual, dashboard, and then “Appearance” and “Editor”.


2. Look for Stylesheet document file, style.css. Copy the code to notepad++ or notepad.

style.css file is the red highlighted.

3. Add this line of code, right in the bottom of the file, select all the codes and paste back in style.css.

.tag-links, .meta-sep, span.cat-links{display:none;}

4. Click “Update” and refresh your site.

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