High Search Volume Keywords

Two videos that might help you understanding about high search volume keywords.

When you do keywords research for your blog title or blog post in google keyword tool you will find “high search volume keywords”.

There is nothing wrong with choosing this, but you will need to do a massive promotion for your website or wordpress blog to get traffics. The reason is there are millions out there who picks this high search volume keywords. It means you will have high competition amount.

The other alternative is choosing the less competitive keywords, with this keywords you can more easily be in the first page of Google. Like in this blog, i choose “rss feedburner” as my keyword, and i am in the first of google (for now! :) )

Tips: Clean up your browser’s cache before typing your keywords, because your browser’s preference usually showing your blog in the first page of google especially if you have bookmarked it.

Matt Cutts from Google explains how to get your site in the first pages in Google.

A Video that i also do when i choose keywords.

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