Hire Someone for Your Blog | One thing to be aware of

Hire Someone for Your Blog – Common Case

It is my habit when I surf the Internet for the first time of the day, I visited some forums.

Not only sometimes I found some interesting ideas to write posts, but sometimes, I find some cases which I also need to know, based on other people experiences.

Being active in a forum can give you advantages and disadvantages, but I am not going to discuss it in this “hire someone for your blog” post.

What I want to write is actually something which really happens and if you are a person who hire someone for your blog, you might find this post useful.

If you wonder where you can “trust” people and then hire someone for working in your blog (can be poster, fixing something, anything blog related), you can see this “freelance wordpress” post, which I recommend odesk and elance to outsource your work, because they are more reliable than hiring individual which I doubt they are honest.

Hire Someone – Mostly you have to give private infos

Because I was hired by people myself, so I know most of clients are required to give private infos, such as wordpress blog password, even Gmail password, or affiliate password even cPanel password or any sensitive datas like that.

In this case, trust and honesty is very important. Unfortunately, not everyone are reliable and this is the fact.

There are many people who were cheated by others be it the worker or the clients who “hire someone”.

Apart of having bad experience myself, I have also read so many people are already cheated by their partners, this is a common case online and offline.

Surely, you would not want to give any of those personal infos to other people, especially if you “meet” them online, you don’t know who they really are, where they live and so forth.

Even if they tell you and said, the informations are true, would you really believe that what they say is all true? I would not.

Especially if you trust them to handle things that can loose you works and money, I would be very very careful, otherwise you would be sorry.

Plus, if your website is quite big and popular, I would suggest handle yourself if you can.

If you have to hire someone, at the end, the only person who can check whether they are honest or not is yourself, but I hope it will not be too late.

If you hire someone for your blog, check your adsense ads

Actually a few months back, I have posted adsense plugin for wordpress safety post, and this post is actually not much different, only the thing to be aware of is, if you hire someone for your blog, give them access to your admin dashboard, you should then check the “money” codes, such as adsense codes or any affiliate codes.

Because clearly, someone who works for a client, can change client website’s adsense code to his, so he can earn thousands a month from Adsense. (Related post: Adsense alternative lists).

hire someone

From this moment on, before you hire someone to get into your blog, you should take a look whether you have some sensitive datas before regretting your trust.

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