How Much Does WordPress Cost

Someone actually contacted me to ask if WordPress costs money, and if yes it does, how much does WordPress cost?

First of all, we have to clear up that there are two kind of WordPress. Before you choose your website, don’t forget to visit this page, which I always keep it up-to-date until today about WordPress hosting comparison that I have used.

Update on May 2014, this video will show you the best minimum expenses to set up WP.

The difference between and


In website, you can sign up for a username and have a completely free blog.

Your blog URL will be something like:

Having a blog in is totally no cost, means you don’t have to pay anything, BUT it has limitations.

Example, you can’t put affiliate links, or advertisements or changing css layout (unless you pay extra cash to upgrade ability editing css file).

There are many more informations about it, which you can read in the site.


This blog uses blogging software, it means, i have downloaded the zip file from website and installed it.


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To install WordPress zip file, you need a domain name and a webhosting service.

So, WordPress itself is free BUT you need to pay for the webhost and domain.

Now, we can also use free webhosting which provides mySQL and PHP, but they are not reliable.

So how much does actually a domain and a webhost cost to install WordPress?

It really depends on the webhost you choose. I use i pay about 3 Euro (5$ which is equal to a bottle of a coke) a month for 3 years.

I got one free domain name for a lifetime, and a webhost which enable me to install about 5 blogs with 5 different domain names.

So far there is not a big deal to complain, the support is amazing fast, and i am happy with them.

There are some famous and popular webhosting services, but I only recommend the good ones, JustHost and HostGator(Hostgator coupon; FROMBLOGWEB6 ).

Choose your webhost wisely, if you are serious to blog for a long time, and you also need to consider about having many blogs with one webhosting deal.

Trust me, first step is to decide the best webhost for you, because without it, your blog won’t live long and you can waste your time and works.

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