How Safe Is Facebook?

How you can make facebook settings safe for your privacy and personal infos.

A few years ago, myspace was very popular social media on the Internet.

Now not anymore, there is another option, facebook.

I have tried to log in to a client’s facebook a few weeks ago, and facebook will automatically detect that the usual login IP address is different. So i have been questioned to guess people’s picture name, and also verify phone number. I was impressed by this security option.

Most popular social media is of course facebook, but is facebook safe? This is the common questions since there are doubts out there if facebook safe.

I feel facebook is safe, because you can set the “privacy settings” to an option where only your friends can view your profile page. The more good thing, you can limit your friends’s access too if you want only some of them can see your profile.

Facebook has more user-friendly and clean interface, it is easy to navigate.

Just like in any other social media sites, it is very important to be really careful on facebook, do not show your very personal informations to everyone and not seeing people that you don’t know in real.

Tips: Change your password regularly, at least once a month.

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