How To “Add A Song In Orkut About Me”

This quick tips or tutorial will guide you how you can load or add songs, musics to your orkut about me page profile.

Orkut is one social media which is very popular like facebook. You can sign in using gmail account, and connected with other people all around the world, share many informations with them. We can surely use this website to promote our wordpress blog and gaining traffics.

One of the cool feature, you can add a song to your orkut about me page.

So here are the tips how to add your  songs :

1. Open your orkut account, and search for orkut song code, Google can help, as usual.

2. Once you find a song, copy all the html code.

3. Next step, we go back to our orkut profile, click “profile” tab.

4. Here, in “orkut About me” page, click small button which says “edit”, “edit text”, and then in the right top corner, click “html”.

5. Paste the song html code, and click “Save” at the end.

Now your about me page in orkut should have a song or music that you can play.

I am new to orkut, and i like this site. Do you?

Video Tutorial:

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