How To Add Adsense To WordPress Sidebar

How to put google adsense code and javascript to your wordpress 3 sidebar, this wordpress 3.0.1 tutorial uses Twenty Ten.

Andrew asked me about adding adsense to wordpress blog a few days ago, that was a great input.

To follow this post, your blog must be approved by Google adsense to display their clients’s advertisements.

To insert the code, it really depends on the width of your sidebar to choose the ads dimensions, as you know, adsense enables us to choose not only image, but also text even link ads code.

You can also choose “autosize”. But Twenty Ten theme’s sidebar uses 200 px, so you can also choose 200x200px ads dimension while “setting up” your ads in Google adsense web page.

There are, of course many ways to put adsense in your wordpress blog. Some people put it as “menu” bar, some make them look like thumbnails, or putting them in sidebar and footer. Twenty Ten’s footer is widgetized, it means, you can put any widgets there, including Google ads.

In this tutorial, i will show you how easily putting adsense code in your sidebar widget.

1. First, login to your Google adsense’s page, and set some ads, the dimension choose anything that suits to your sidebar’s width. (more infos, see first video)

Setting up "adsense"

2. Get the code, and copy it.

3. Log in to your wordpress blog’s dashboard, and find “appearance” and “widgets”.

Appearance tab and then Widgets.

4. Choose text widget, paste the code, and you can optionally give the title as “sponsors” for example, or just leave it empty.

Dragging text widget to sidebar

Where to paste google adsense code

5. Click “save”, and refresh your blog.

Please note that it may take a few minutes for the Google advertisements to appear in your sidebar. Be patient :) Get more traffics, more traffics = more clicks and earning. Happy earning!

Setting up Adsense video;

Adding Google adsense code in sidebar Video tutorial:

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