How To Add YouTube To Sidebar WordPress

How to embed or add then edit youtube video to sidebar wordpress blog without a plugin.

At the end of this simple video,  we are going to discover on how to copy, paste the code then edit youtube video’s width and height size to our sidebar in our wordpress blog.

I have noticed that many websites have youtube videos embed in their sidebars.

Many people have asked how to do this, so in this video guide, we are going to embed youtube video with text widget wordoress site. This method is working too, if you want to embed from other video resources, like vimeo, metacafe, etc.

Be careful with copyrighted videos though, but mostly people will set their videos “not available to embed” if it’s copyrighted.

Why don’t we use plugins?
There is an advantage of embedding videos to wordpress without plugin, if you don’t like it, you just click “delete” to remove youtube video from your wordpress blog.

I have also created another videoon how to put youtube videos in sidebar that will be randomly displayed in your sidebar.

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