How To “Backup Blackberry”

How to backup blackberry, and restore all your calendar, applications, contacts back using Desktop Manager.

Let’s say you forgot your blackberry somewhere and lost it. It’s very sad, you will loose all the datas and informations you had.

Plus anything can go wrong, for example, your blackberry doesn’t work as usual, you may reset all, and the datas would be gone too. These things will not give you any problem if you got a backup in your computer.

So backing up your blackberry is recommended, because even “desktop manager” gone, you still have the backup in your PC. I follow the tutorial below to backup mine, so far, i have once restore my datas.

Steps to backup:

Backup option.

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Javelin Unlocked

1. Open “Desktop Manager”, choose “Backup and Restore” option.
2. Under “Backup” box, choose “Options”.
3. In “Backup Options”
Tick “Back up on-board device memory.
Tick “Back up my device automatically every- days”, type in how many days you want to backup your blackberry automatically.
Tick “Back up all device automatically”
Click “OK”.
4. Next look for “Option” button in the top right next to “Help” button, click that, and select, “Data folder options”.
5. “Application Data Folder” will be displayed, and choose any folders you like, or leave it by default.
6. Next, under “Backup” box, click “Backup”, Choose the filename or accept the default filename, click “Save” and the transfer process will start.
7. If you succeed, it will tell you “The backup file was successfully created”.

And it is also easy to restore using the desktop manager, by browsing your backup file.

Restore options.

Steps to restore:

1. In the “Restore” Box, select, “Restore” button, and browse your backup file, and choose “Open”.
2. Click “Yes”.
3. The restoring process will start.

If you want to choose which files you want to restore and which one not, go to “Advanced”.

Do not forget to backup your blackberry regularly!

Video to backup blackberry:

BlackBerry Gemini 8520 Unlocked

I hope you will be successfully done on the process How To “Backup Blackberry”.

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