How To “Change Email WordPress”

How to change email setting in wordpress, by replacing your new email address in dashboard admin or database if you forgot your wordpress blog email.

Changing your wordpress email can be very easily done by going to your admin page, type your new email address in the email setting. The problem is if you forgot what email address you use, and you can not login to your dashboard.

To solve about forgotten email and denied login, you can look or change your email directly into your database. I will show you first where to change your wordpress email in dashboard and then direct in database. Do quick backup of your database first before following the tutorial.

  • Here are the step to change your email setting in dashboard:

1. Login to your dashboard and look in “Users” and then “Your Profile”.
2. Under “Contact Info” details, there is an email box, remove your old email, and replace it with new email address, don’t forget to click “Update Profile”.

Changing wordpress email in dashboard admin

  • Now if you can’t access dashboard and want to change email setting in database, you can do these following steps:

1. In your cPanel, click “phpMyAdmin”.

phpMyAdmin icon in cPanel

2. Choose your database and click it. if you have many databases and don’t know which database belong to your wordpress blog, then you can open wp-config.php and see what your database name is.

Select the database.

3. Once it shows all the tables, look for wp_users. Table prefix can be different.

Look for wp_users.

4. Look for the user and which email you want to change, in this demo, i only have one user which is myself. Select the user, and click pencil icon to edit.

Select which user, and pencil icon.

5. Go to “user email” and change the email address, and hit “Go”button.

Changing wordpress email in database.

6. Changing wordpress email settings in database should be succesfully done.


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