How to change permalinks wordpress

A Video how to change default ugly permalinks wordpress to search engines friendly permalinks.

I actually didn’t attempt to make this screencast, but I have noticed in many forums or new blogs, there are still people who still don’t find how to clean permalinks for SEO purpose.

You should back up all your blog, so you may want to see this video on how to back up your wordpress. Your database and wp-content folder are important.

It is possible that your wordpress custom permalinks is not working, means you will have “404 page not found” page or blank, this never happened to me but if this happens to you, switch back to your default permalink and ask for a help in forums. Remember, always backup.

At the end of this article, you will be able to change your wordpress’s site permalink, you can use any permalinks you want, but be sure to read this guide  from wordpress using permalinks.

I would recommend change your permalink setting to be search engine friendly from day one you started your website, should be done doing these steps::
1. Go to admin page.
2. Scroll down until you find “Settings” click this.
3. Choose “Permalinks”
4. Choose anything you like, but not default.
Most of people choose this permalink: /%postname%/
5. Last but most important, click “save changes”.
Here is the screencast:

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