How To Check Dofollow Or Nofollow Blog

How you can detect if a blog is a dofollow or nofollow by checking the links of a wordpress blog.

WordPress blog is a nofollow blog by default. I am sure there are pros and contras out there, and it’s really up to you whether you want to make your blog dofollow or leave it as a nofollow blog. But most of the times, when you are commenting or leaving a link in a blog or website, you also want to know if the blog dofollow. I have posted about what dofollow blogs are in this page.

Actually having links in a dofollow higher page rank blog, will help your blog to rank higher too. That’s why people tend to comment regularly in a high PR dofollow blog.

And if you don’t know which blogs are dofollow and which aren’t, you can easily check the code source or using firefox addons (i am a firefox user).

This is the steps to detect dofollow or nofollow blog:

1. Select the link, right click, and in your browser page’s option, select “View Selection Source”.

Select the link, right click.

2. In the page source, you will see “nofollow” attribute, the code will be similar to this following:
<a href="" rel="external nofollow">yourlink</a>

The other way is installing SEOquake firefox addon, and whenever you want to check a link, right click the addon icon in the right bottom of your screen and select “highlight nofollow links”. The result will be red highlighted links, those are nofollow links.

Using SEO quake addon.


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