How To Check Website/Blog Speed

Some online sites and free tools to check your wordpress blog or website loading page speed.

If you wonder how fast your blog loads, you can measure and check it, it’s quite easy, you can measure it online, or with a google tool.

Why we should care about pagespeed? Not only search engine ranking, but it is also caring about our visitors.

Some people from specific countries, they have very slow internet connection. Example, we can load a website or blog for 2 or 3 seconds, they probably need 5-10 minutes!

Trust me, I lived in Asia, and i know how the internet speed was.

So if you want to check it with google tool, you must have:

1. Firefox browser.

2. You must installed firebug addon first, without it, you can’t use pagespeed.

3. Download page speed.

However there is another alternative, to check your loading speed online, here are some sites that you can easily enter your URL address, and they will give you the results.


my blog's speed in iwebtool

My blog’s speed check screenshot:

In uptrends


in pingdom.

Video Tutorial how to use Google page speed:

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